Free phone number w/voicemail
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Private Phone is a free new (as of last month) service from NetZero that allows anyone to sign up for a unique private voicemail number; now phone numbers are as disposable as web based email accounts. For use by craigslisters, ebayers, and random cads, bounders & ne'er do wells, not to mention women who aren't sure if that hot guy is, in fact, dangerously crazy.
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You know what'd be cool? If they had a podcast of your voicemails. Then I have all my voicemails automatically downloaded to my computer along with metadata.
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...just sayin'
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It's myspace for drug-dealers and call-girls! How rad.
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everything old is new again, I recall some outfit like Yahoo had free voicemail 1-800#'s in the early to mid 90s
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"Podcasts" of "Voicemail", old-school style.
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Let me guess... When you call in to check your voicemail, they make you listen to two hours of commercials, and if you try to tune them out, they send the thought police after you.

Besides, if you don't actually want to be able to talk to someone, but rather just allow them to leave a message for you, isn't email perfectly sufficient?
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For you, the other person, and the NSA
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It's free now but they'll eventually change subscription rates. But even if they charge for it, it's well worth it. Make it your "public" number to give out to any business (plumber, bank, cable company, etc,,) that might sell your number to a list. Keep your home number "private" for friends and family. It's the best way to fight phone spam. I've been doing it for years (but with two landlines), and I have not received one spam call on my private number.
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Since this is NetZero, I smell a nasty little catch here somewhere. I do know they limit the free accounts to 10 messages and possibly the length of time they will save those 10. Also, you can download those messages online and that provides NZ an opportunity to spew ads from that website. Still, being NZ, I suspect another, much bigger catch but I have not yet identified it, nor will I join just to find out.
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*joins just to find out*
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This NetZero... it has a revenue stream?
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This brings to mind Community Voice Mail. They provide free voicemail to homeless people.
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It would be cool if a company that didn't suck offered this service.
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WTF?! A gallery? Hey, who wants to flirt with this hot babe?
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I'm looking at cars online, and I'm nearly ready to submit a request to dealers via their site, except they want a phone number. This might be a great way to avoid giving that out and getting their calls for the rest of my life.
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Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.
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