Apollo Panoramic Images
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Apollo Panoramic Images [note: Quicktime VR]
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OMFG thank you have my babies you magnificent bastard.
*humps on crunchland*

I've been obsessed with the Apollo and pre-Apollo era of NASA lately, especially since they're going to be going back to a capsule system for manned spaceflight.
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"it's not a capsule. It's a spacecraft."
(Just watched the Right Stuff today.)

Great post. Thanks much!
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The Apollo 17 Station 5 panorama is eerie... hills, rocks, the little lunar rover, and nothing else in sight...
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Wow, thank you so much! The panoramas are simply breathtaking, and I've changed my wallpaper to their beautiful Apollo 11 image. Definitely best-of-web!
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Nice, thanks!
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Sign#3,203,302 of the impending apocalypse:

I show'em to a friend and he brings up the whole "moonlandings were faked" idea, by asking "why can't you see stars?"


But these are awesome.
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Well, they have put "some" effort into making these Quicktime VR, but here is one source (NASA) for images .

There are others, which are free as well, before you pay for some great space pics. This company is offering some autographs, which is a nice add-on.

Personally, I want to have lunch with Neil, that would be something.
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Opps, one more linky. This one goes to just about everything manned spaceflight nasa has done.
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The happiest astronaut in the history of NASA, Deke Slayton.
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"why can't you see stars?".

Good question! Why can't we?
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The landscape is so bright, for the camera to register the small amount of light given off by the stars, the whole landscape would be completely washed out.
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Good question! Why can't we?

Because it's daytime on the moon. Go outside right now. Can you see stars?
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Good question! Why can't we?

Here's an explanation from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.
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The Apollo 15 station 2 panorama looks like it was put together from photos that weren't taken in the same spot. Look at the flare from the sun -- on the left there is a mountain range, but on the right, it's not there.
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