I can label my house from here.
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If you want to see all the interesting stuff hidden in Google Maps then you need look no further than a site like Google Sightseeing, but what about the other way around? If you've ever wished Google Maps was better labeled then Wikimapia might be what you're looking for.
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That's the best thing I've ever seen.
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Super good!
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Nifty. I am not sure this adds a lot to Google Maps that the community landmarks don't add, but it certainly is a lot cleaner, at least until the usual vandals, viewpoint-pushers, and other wiki-plagues arrive.
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"Until"? I took a quick look at Wikimapia for Tucson, and among the first things labeled I found were "lame house", "a jew school", and "party house". I expect it can only get worse.
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Yeah, well, Tucson.
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I've wished for this many times when browsing around with google maps. I'm extremely glad that someone actually decided to do this, and I hope it gets wide press.

This is after spending 30 minutes marking things in my area. Very cool.
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Well, they might indeed have been a jew school, a lame house, and a party house - information you never would have found on some sort of edited map. Obviously, wikis are better.

And think of the mapping application:

Start: Depart Some Stupid House that My Dumb Friend Lives in
1: Turn LEFT (South) onto The Street with the Mexicans LOL 2.4 miles
2: Keep RIGHT to stay on The Road with my Girlfriend, Who You Can't Meet Because She is Sick 0.7 miles

End: Lamest School Ever (Steve Rox)!
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Thanks! Found a lot of places I visited in Guangzhou, China, in 2002 when I adopted my daughter!
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The wiki part of this could use a few more features, like a discussion tab and a page history. The supermarket near my house is called "Castro's Gay Safeway" when it's not really in the Castro, nor unusually gay for San Francisco. It would also be neat if you could turn on Google's street maps for urban areas. Overall it's very nifty, though.
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It was coming up for me, but now it's not? Anyone seeing it?
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I would love a wikified maping system, but it would need real moderation.
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delmoi: I see this as a natural outcome, Mediawiki wasn't built in a day, you know?
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First thing I found was middle earth. Nice map. Wonder if Lake Wobegone is in there too...
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I know it's not technically in the Castro, but it's totally the gay safeway
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Wow, that was actually really helpful. I've been wondering what the immense white and gold building I can see from the highway is, and it's a Mormon temple(I should have guessed.)
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Bulgaroktonos - the one you can see from the Beltway?
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They really really have to allow you to rotate those rectangles.

whir, you can get the hybrid and map view by clicking the view menu in the upper right.
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I looked around LA on Wikimapia, and it was both accurate and had no graffiti.

I think if the userbase gets big enough that there are resident "caretakers" (or busybodies, depending on your point of view) watching for defacement, this could be a quite useful tool.
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This is quite good but I always envisioned something like it with a place for location-centric articles/commentaries/craisglist as well. Hitchhiker's Guide to Earth, anyone?
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And think of the mapping application:

Start: Depart Some Stupid House that My Dumb Friend Lives in
1: Turn LEFT (South) onto The Street with the Mexicans LOL 2.4 miles

This could lead to a revolution in rural direction-giving.

Now, when someone tells you "Go about three miles and turn left where the Piggly Wiggly used to be," or "Hang a right where the Jenkins boy got kilt," you can know where they are!
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Added some stuff to Madison. Someone's taken great pains to make this a useful map for downtown Madison and the University buildings.
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I checked these links out and they are cool, but does nyone know of any places that catalog the "odd" or arcade things people find in goolge earth?

I'm speaking about things like the mojave telephone booth. Bizarre, idiosyncratic things like that.

Here's another one: Norristown, PA dead end highway

Is there a site like this? Or do I have to wander the virtual desert alone in search of the transmundane?
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Great post! As frightening as it is to consider the power of satellite imagery, I'm also awed by the beauty of it. Have never seen Windows Live Local (or Pictometry International Corp. I should say): the image quality is simply stunning.
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That's neat! I added some local stuff (leaving out the obvious terror targets like water and chemical plants).
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You are a patriot, Standeck.
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Am I the only one who finds it addictive to label stuff in my neighborhood that no one else has yet bothered with?

This is fun, but is it useful?
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What I don't really get is all the people who are adding things that are already there.
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This is totally fun, and yes, not at all useful. Well, maybe if I was going to be in a neighborhood anyways I could use this to look for, uh, something interesting in that area.

PS: just because that Safeway is a little effeminate does not mean that it's gay. But maybe I've just lived in the neighborhood long enough that its level of gayness doesn't even register with me anymore.
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