Dropping Knowledge
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On September 9th 2006, 112 of the world's writers, artists, activists, and social entrepeneurs (nominees here) will gather for a Table of Free Voices in Berlin, Germany, discussing questions about the important issues of today. Who provides those questions? You.
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How do we get people to stop posting youtube links to metafiter?
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Where did I leave my damn keys?
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Any panel that contains John Cleese, Genesis P-Orridge, Nick Cave, and Bob Dylan should be eminently qualified to tackle all the world's problems. Especially if Milan Kundera and Flea are there.

Unfortunately, the panel also contains Deepak Chopra, Michael Moore, and Matthew Barney .....

please don't tell me how much you liked Cremaster. Just be quiet and let me hold you.
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Who are they taking their suggestions to? The UN?

(Ba-dum dish!)
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Heck, invite ALL the nominees... it's the internets!

Seriously, some really excellent voices there: Fritjof Capra, Wangari Maathi, Tom Robbins... should be a great discussion.
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should be a great discussion

Full stop.
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