Masterpiece Persian Carpets
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WEALTH OF KINGS Very nice collection of rare and beautiful works of the rug weavers art,including fascinating history of the middle east.
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For those of you who want more this site has a gallery, and information on patterns and symmetry.
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This what fascinating means:Reviewing Safavid history of the 16th century, it's a miracle any of these carpets were made at all. The three great Shahs, Ismå`ìl, Tahmasp and Abbas, grew up in a world of backstabbing and treachery, dominated by war and the fifth columnist activities of their insurgent Qizilbåsh followers. After re-gaining Herat in 1510, Ismåìl had a drinking cup made out of the vanquished Uzbek Khan`s skull.
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These are amazing. Did people actaully walk on these?
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I've barely looked at the first link and I'm hooked. Thanks, this is great (of course, being Persian I'm biased).
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Nice post, hortense - thank you!
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Thanks, hortense. I loooves the nice carpets.
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Lovely, thanks hortense!
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