Bulletproof teenage twins surrender!
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Bulletproof teenage twins surrender! Johnny and Luther Htoo, leaders of a Myanmar rebel militia called God's Army, have surrendered to Thai authorities (who apparently coaxed the boys out of the jungle with crackers). Are today's teens leading rebel armies too soon?
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These two received a lot of attention last year when a group of their allies took hostages at a Thai hospital. They were even interviewed for an article in The Guardian (which sheds a lot of light on the political situation on the Thailand/Myanmar border). I don't think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would last a day in the jungle, and these kids have been hiding out there for months. They're fighting for some of the same causes championed by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

So what's going to happen to these boys? Is the whole situation a tragic example of how war damages young lives? Or are they heroic figures? And for MeFi's teen readers - who's cuter - Johnny or Luther?
posted by varmint at 4:58 PM on January 17, 2001

Straight out of the pages of Tamil Tiger Beat magazine.

BTW, linking to an Olsen twins site is grounds for having your account yanked. Just so you know.
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Anyone have dibs on the "Am I Or Not" spinoff yet? Am I A Child Leader of a Myanmar Rebel Militia or Not? Am I Johnny or Luther Htoo or Not?

Props to varmit for working Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen into a MeFi thread.
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This is really sad, it's really hard to consider how it would be like to live during war. I think we take out daily lives for granted at times.
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I've met enough people from varying war torn countries to know it's hell and there are usually only two options, fight or flight.
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my favorite article about them is the one sarah vowell wrote in salon.

"That's why people respond to the Luther and Johnny picture. They adore the contrast between the pretty, girlish Johnny and the hyena-faced Luther. Meet Joan of Arc and her brother, Genghis Khan."
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