Unsafety Dance!
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US Navy Saftey Center Photos of the Week. Or: A Nearly Comprehensive But Not Entirely Inclusive Manual of Instruction On How to Qualify for a Darwin Award.
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Note: Spelling "safety" as "saftey" is not on the list. Yet. Admins please hope me.
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This one I like: "Snake Preparing to Get on a Plane."

Way to get your asp in a sling, airman!
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Gotta love this one.
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The guys on Mythbusters duplicated that last one. It was one of their "confirmed" cases.
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The guys on Mythbusters duplicated that last one. It was one of their "confirmed" cases.

Yeh, a pilot-instructor buddy told me that kind of accident is actually quite common. He'd use photos like that to scare his students into not slacking off when taxiing.
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One of the navy.mil posts references Worksafe Victoria's "Safety Soapbox" publication and it's "Shocker of the Week" photos, so I went digging. It's a subscription service, but someone's been posting them. Quite a few "holy shit" moments in there.

When I was younger and arguably more stupid, I did a lot of roof work installing VSAT terminals and a lot of antenna work installing cell/microwave antennas. I used to hang my unharnessed ass over 30 stories without even thinking about it. Had anyone been around with a camera, there's no question I would have made "Shocker of the Week."
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Some of the photos and writeups are pretty funny. Surprisingly few, however, have actual naval content, although if anybody ought to be thinking industrial safety generally, it’s a bluejacket.

One that I’m pretty sure *isn’t* in there, and isn’t at all humorous, was on the Web (Rotten.com?) a while back -- a series of shipboard accident-report photos from when an unfortunately tall sailor walked into a rotor arc on the fantail at flight quarters when a Seahawk was still turning and burning. It caught him right about eyebrow level, and the mess was pretty spectacular from a purely anatomical point of view – his cranial didn’t really contain it well. I feel especially badly for his buddies who had to clean it up. :o(
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Oh, and in a machine shop aboard a tender (The Canopus, I think -- known to sailors far and wide as the "Can O' Pus"), there was this blowup pic of a surprisingly tasteful nude (this is before the Navy was as heavily gender-integrated as it is today) with the legend, "Beautiful! But it makes ZERO impression on a blind man. WEAR YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES IN THIS SPACE AT ALL TIMES."
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OUCH!!! [Pain Warning]

Another great internet truck pic.
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The navy also has this searchable photo gallery. With photos which may remind you of famous movies; plus there are current events .
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Very neat! Although they seem to have "previous" and "next" mixed up in their navigation...
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I guess sometimes our taxes ARE used for good. I think this would be useful for some of those less than mentally savvy people entering the armed forces.
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I saw this years ago but it is well worth another look. A great resource for those who wonder why we have to have disclaimers such as "do not iron clothes while wearing them" printed on things.
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I've done this. I don't recomend it though. When I did it it was a step ladder, placed on a plank like the picture but the plank was hanging on angle braces at the top of two forty foot ladders. The boss didn't want to spring for the rental costs of a 60' ladder for the day and a forty didn't reach the peak of the house. And since I was the only 6'2" guy on the painting crew, I got to climb all the way up. *Shudder*
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some of those less than mentally savvy people entering the armed forces

When you couple that personnel challenge with everyday safety concerns, you begin to understand why so many Chiefs are prematurely bald and/or gray.
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This brightened up a stressful day. Thanks.
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I feel so much better now that I know that dog attacked (was attacked by...) a porcupine rather being the unfortunate dog of some sick fuck that threw matches at him. I couldn't believe anyone would do that, let alone post the picture, let alone the military would host it.
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Hall-monitor porn.
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Actually relatively few of the pictures on that site come from military sources, a lot of them seem to have been provided by OSHA officers.
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A lot of these seem overly cautious to me. This bike, cordoned off with red DANGER tape, seems clearly abandoned to me. Beehives don't just spring up while you're inside the drug store briefly. Some of them are funny, some of them are spot on. But the general tone I get from the site is "LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING!"
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A lot of these seem overly cautious to me.

No, they're just amusing safety-related photos. The point is that you go there to see the latest funny photo, and at the same time you read the commentary, and if you're in the Navy maybe you poke around the site some more, and next time you're doing a job you go "oh, I remember that website!" and don't stack up your paint cans for a ladder or whatever.

The pictures are what you'd call a "hook" or a "draw".
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