Witness: holocausts and genocides as told in art
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The Ghetto Diary of Eli Lesky, The Fifth Horseman, the Buchewald Series, artwork by Joseph Bau; Paintings of the Hmong Migration; Visualizing Otherness - Nazi and other racist propaganda - all this and much, much more from the University of Minnesota's The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.
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incredible find, madam
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Great post. Lesky's irony is so grimly jolly it cracks my skull: Honeymoon Cottage.
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Great post.

Here is an article about the Hmong in French Guyana comparing their adjustment to life in the US vs. S.America.
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Wow. Thanks for the link(s), madamjujujive!
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Great find, Madamjujujive. Had to see the face of this mischievously funny, brave man, Fritz Hirschberger, who survived what he did and created such interesting paintings.

The Lego concentration camp art was darkly poignant.

The topic of seeing other people as alien from oneself, as "The Other", rather simply others, wasn't really discussed in the museum's site. It's a complex topic and worth some decent articles about how people or groups get scapegoated, the scapegoating process.

There have been so many mass scapegoatings, massacres and genocides throughout history.

On that site there were links to articles and info I din't know about, like "Asian Holocaust :Opium, Sex Slaves, Nanjing Massacre".

Some genocides have gone unmentioned, like the slaughter of approximately 600,000 (between 200,000 and 1,000,000) people under Suharto in Indonesia.

Still, an excellent site and Fritz Hirschberger's art is particularly communicative: the person who has been perceived as The Other, seeing the sadism of that perceiver.
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Wow. Does this Holocaust Museum have the ball point pen Anne Frank wrote her diary with? How about the hospital bed from which Elie Weasel's father decided they should evacuate with the Nazis when Auschwitz was about to fall to the Russians? How about some of those bars of soap made from the rendered fat of Jews? Oh yeah, even Yad Vashom admits that's a lie.

Any mention of the tens of millions of Russians who were holocausted by Jewish Bolsheviks?

Didn't think so.
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Whoa. Who is this kjc?

...OK, here are his last couple of comments:

Ding dong. The wicked child-murdering scum [Ariel Sharon] is gone.
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Like the rest of "the tribe," [Elie Wiesel]'s also completely indifferent to the tens of millions of Russian Christians raped, robbed and murdered by what even Noam Chomsky calls Jewish Boshevism.
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I'm not going to call for bannination or anything, because I'm a firm believer in free speech, but I sure don't want to ever find myself in the same room with this... person.
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What languagehat said.

Wow. Just wow. I've heard about people who think this way, but our paths have never intersected before - at least to my knowledge. Very sad. I guess here in this thread, we see the seeds for why such a museum exists.
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That is correct madamjujujive. The seeds of "The Holocaust" were sown in the Russian Empire by mass-murdering (the number of their victims has not evened been rounded off to the nearest ten of million) Jewish Bolsheviks in the pay of Jewish Bankers, specifically the Rothschilds International Crime Syndicate.

Can you tell me why Yad Vashem no longer displays bars of soap "made from Jews."

Hint: Can you say "DNA testing?"
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The worst genocides of the 20th Century.
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Jewish bankers paid me to open a MeTa thread on their behalf
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Where is Protocols of the Elders of Awesome when you need him?
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I think deep down, kjc is really upset that the Holocaust didn't happen. Someone should have shown those Bolshevik Jews a lesson!
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Hey, kjc: I appreciate skepticism, but I'm afraid yours is intensely misguided. You like to read, right? Well, perhaps your reading list has become a bit narrow. Here is my recommendation for summer reading for a committed skeptic, such as yourself. Chapter 13 is bound to give you some insight into the insular movement that you find yourself in. Chapter 14 might help to explain to you why people here respond to you incredulously.
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notwithstanding the threadjack of a quiet delusionist, this is a good post/good find. Thanks for calling my attention to it, madamjujujive, next year I start my Master's paper and this is a good resource for it.

...or obliquely, thanks to the idiot who spurred the callout, because I missed the FPP in the blue but the topic was called to my attention via the gray, so you see even anti-semetic numbskulls can have a positive effect.
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Very nice madam.
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Can you tell me why Yad Vashem no longer displays bars of soap "made from Jews."

Hint: Can you say "DNA testing?"

I doubt DNA would survive the process used to create soap.
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