What women want
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Life has stresses. Happiness has an important roll in people’s lives. If learning how to cook can make you happy, you will work towards learning how to improve your cooking skills, or if improving your social skills will suit you, you will learn how to actually achieve your goal by learning how to be more confident, charming and social, there's nothing wrong with that. I found a site on the Internet that teach men how to seduce women. I have mixed feelings about it, it looks convincing. I didn't get the books yet, but I would like to learn how to be better with women. I know some men might say they don't need help or that no other people is going to tell them how to be better at that. They might even hide it but lets face it, we are still human beings and social interaction plays a very important roll in all of us. Are there other sites that have this kind of information that seem reliable like those seduction tips? I am leaning towards buying it.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: what the hell is this spam?

Is this spam? Can you post the .pdf when you buy it. Thanks Nigerian friend.
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can we delete this yet?
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Something is fishy here.
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Wow, this was the stupidest post I've seen in a long time.
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The only "seduction tip" there seems to be "send me money."

I love the smell of SPAM in the evening...
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$30-$5=$25 profit!

Risky, but it's crazy enough it just...might...work.
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maybe it was meant to be a deleted ask mefi post?
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Everyone can quit posting today, this is the thirty-dollar winner!
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can I get this in a power point presentation? It's still a little too readable.
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Are you tired to see other guys taking hot babes home while you go home alone?


Are you tired to be the one that is only dating the ugly women while beautiful women pass by and don’t even give you the time?


Are you fed up with women telling you they want to only be friends with you and no action?

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Oh gee, I'm like a totally lonely loser and I just feel so good knowing that there are other lonely losers such as myself out there to share my lonely loserness with. I think I will buy this book! Then I can move from lonely loserland to suave, sophisticated man-about-town land! Then I will have all new friends, women will like me and babys will gurgle with infantish delight when I walk by! Because I will be so irresistably happy!

Or maybe it's all just bullshit and I should just move along. . .
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Surely this will win the $30.
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After seeing this I've changed my mind about recent events in The Blue: bring on the YouTube links! They're better than this!
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I would jump at the opportunity, if only my p3niz where larger!
posted by R. Mutt at 8:13 PM on August 12, 2006

No kidding. Today must have been YouTube day on MeFi.

Metafilter: all video all the time! Reading's for chumps!
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That photo is da bom! Wow, to think that after I buy that book, I can be a living doll just like facsimile Sean Connery!
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What's $30 in Nigerian Naira?
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OMG SELF LINK!!!!!11111
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What does this have to do with Nigera?
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shy, ugly, bald, fat and old

Yup, that's me in spades!
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Hasn't this been deleted yet?

Women will never be able to tell you why they do what they do or what they really want. If I ask you why you behave the way you do with women and what you want from a woman, I am pretty sure you will tell me something that makes perfect sense. Now, try to ask the same to a woman. She will tell you a lot of nonsense. They say they like dating one type of men but they try hard to get another type. Why? Because women don’t know what they want?

OMG IT'S ALL TRUE. I really do want to be manipulated, lied to, used and discarded! Why did I never understand this before? You have won, Mr. Hero-man! Take me!
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Ohhhhhhh, but I don't want to learn these lessons just for sex. . . I want a *relationship* ! ! !

Guess I have to look for a different book then. . . sigh. . . .
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I can hear it coming now.

What is it, you may ask?

As well you may, because I'm not going to tell you. You're going to have to figure it out for yourself.

There's a rumble. A hint -- the barest impression -- of lightning. The crackle of electricity each time it taps on the ground.

Oh, and each time it taps, it resonates. A beautiful, full resonation, like tapping on a majestic bronze monument.

Have you figured out what it is yet?

Of course, you're absolutely right! It's Ye Olde Banhammer. Thanks for playing, friendly1. Hope it was worth your $5.

Oh, and congrats on getting the self-link in on a Saturday night. The admins will be a bit delayed, but rest assured, your comeuppance will be swift and certain when user #1 gets wind of this. But be warned, the banhammer can leave a mark. Can you hear it coming?
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When women look at me lustfully, I can't tell if they're looking at my penis or my beer gut. I can't see my own penis because of my beer gut.
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One of my friends went out with a guy who tried some weird creepy bullshit on her, later identified by another friend as "speed seduction" "techniques," which I gather is the sort of thing sold in this book.

These included repeatedly touching her hand, knee, asking her off-the-wall personal questions with no warning, and declaring that she was sexually repressed.

The Village Voice ran an article on one of these books; it advocated ignoring the girl you like and hitting on her friends, then subtly insulting her whenever possible. Sadly, the article is no longer up, as the guy who wrote it made a bunch of stuff up.

Any mefite girls had to deal with mysterious book-induced behavior on dates?
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The design of the page is so bad I think it gave me cancer! and it made baby Jebus cry.
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Hooray! This must be the person who bought my mind control device schematics off of eBay!
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JoKeefe: "I really do want to be manipulated, lied to, used and discarded!"

Oh. You say that now. Then you want to get engaged, married, and divorced! You women are all the same!
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But...but...don't you guys want to 'have the superpowers to seduce any woman you want, and you will be COMPLETELY IRRESISTIBLE in the eyes of any woman'?

Who doesn't want mad woman seduction superpowers? All this for $30! Such a deal!
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