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Sex in prehispanic times. Cuba Chronicles. The arrow of time. Brazilian homosexual culture. The sword and the cross. Very similar. Bestiarium. Mini-descriptions of the many varied exhibits. Essays in English and Spanish by the artists with their images from ZoneZero.
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Interesting. I especially liked Very Similar.
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MetaFilter: Whistle with disproportionate phallus
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The images in the Bestiarium link are pretty cool.
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I'd love to see the Arrow of Time page as animated gifs. Long-term time-lapses are always fascinating.

The invention of photography (especially commonly available photography after Kokak) radically altered our relation to time and to aging. It used to be that you had no reference against with to measure the effects aging. Aging was natural, you saw it happen in real time, very slowly and incrementally. Now, as this Argentenian family so effectively illustrates, the ravages of time are painfully laid out for all to scrutinize.
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I too liked the Arrow of Time. Though I don't view the aging of the parents in the photos as "the RAVAGES of time." They're just a different point in life and have aged pretty gracefully IMHO. Besides, folks have to have a few miles on their odometer to be interesting. ;)
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Thanks! I always enjoy a verbal perspective on art, from the artist.
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I greatly enjoyed the cyclical nature of Arrow of Time: like father, like son (eventually).
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