McKinley Assassination Ink
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McKinley Assassination Ink: "The goal [...]: to gather the largest possible selection of full-text primary source documents relating to the assassination of William McKinley and the immediate aftermath of that event, including the succession of Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency and the incarceration, trial, and execution of [anarchist] assassin Leon Czolgosz."
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Very interesting project. Not so sure about the interface. Thanks for the link.
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“. . . in conversation and appearance he was more intelligent than the average Polish laborer . . . .”

—— anonymous, American Journal of Insanity, Oct. 1901
great, thanks
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Anarchist. Communist. Terrorist.

Gotta love the convenient arbitrary labels we apply to those we are told to be afraid of.
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Czolgosz actually WAS a (self-proclaimed) anarchist, though. Emma Goldman had some kind words for him. It is interesting to see how American "anarchophobia" of that era was tied in with religious, racial, and (understandably) class prejudice. My favourite quote from that page:

Father, protect our native land
From anarchy’s accursed hand;
Defend the lives of rulers dear
From day to day, from year to year.

Blot out foul anarchistic stain,
Let not a trace of it remain,
For traitors on this nation’s sod,
Are traitors to Almighty God.

I hope I'm not the only one who cringed at "rulers dear".
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The "self-proclaimed anarchist" moniker is interesting. I guess since you can't "officially" register like card-carrying ACLU members or registered Republicans or something, but it always makes the whole philosophy seem so DIY and tawdry.... but I can be a bit of a broken record on that topic I suppose. Great [though oddly laid out] site!
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I am o so sorry
That our president is dead
And everybody's sorry
So my father said
And the horrid man who did this
Is a-sitting in his cell
And I'm glad that Emma Goldman
Doesn't board at this hotel.
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Czolgosz was a patsy.
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Execution of Czolgosz, with panorama of Auburn Prison (Thomas A. Edison, Inc.)
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Good link. Assassination Vacation needs a sequel.
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