Forestiere Underground Complex
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In the early 1900's, Sicilian immigrant Baldasare Forestiere moved from New York the San Joaquin valley, California. Working alone during his spare time and using only hand tools, he spent 40 years sculpting an underground home and garden [Real] that's a work of art and architectural engineering known today as the Forestiere Underground Gardens. [Gimages]
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heh, I lived not 2 miles from there. Here's a satellite/aerial view, courtesy of google and imageshack.
posted by Heywood Mogroot at 6:11 PM on August 19, 2006

Just too cool. Thank you.
posted by vers at 6:24 PM on August 19, 2006

Fantastic place, but I was frustrated that there weren't more pix. So here's a whole passel of 'em.
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Amazing work. Thank you!
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Incredible, absolutely my favorite kind of post. Thanks!
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the Gardens link has a horrible fly buzzing ad that made me not want to read the article.
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Thanks, CodeBaloo, I really enjoyed that.
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Now I have a reason to visit Fresno. Thanks for the wonderful post, CodeBaloo.
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Additional thanks to rob511 for the gorgeous photos. Nice work!
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another reason to see california again.
thanks a lot!
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T.C. Boyle wrote a short story about this man ("The Underground Gardens," in his bookAfter the Plague and Other Stories). It's a neat story that speculates on his motives and so on and so forth. Unfortunately it's not available online, but it is also in The 1999 O'Henry Awards anthology.
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