mapping sound and color
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Color of My Sound. Choose a color of a sound or song and see how others have voted with their comments. Add your own audio files. (more)
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Synaesthesia is the mixing of the senses. Those affected by it hear colors, see sounds, and taste tactile sensations. When the two senses involved are sound and color, this phenomenon is no longer limited to synaesthetes: anyone, given a sound and time for contemplation, can ascribe color to that sound.

About synesthesia; with pictures and examples.
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It would be more interesting if the "choose a color" interface were randomized. It looks (to me at least) like the spacial relationship of the color is the largest factor in the selection of said color.

Oh, and I'm not filling out that crappy form.
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I wish I could be synesthesic, but I find I have to force an association between the sound and a color by imagining myself within the sound's environment. My association rarely feels "true" to me. Fun link — thanks, nickyskye!
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play with the buttons in the lower right. they change "view mode" from the color grid to an orbit to random. This gets you out of the traditional way of thinking of colors by shade.

also theres no validation on that form. just send a vote with as much descriptive info as you feel comfortable with.
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Arthur Rimbaud was apparently obesessed with this sort of thing for a while.
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I'm also frustrated with my lack of synesthetic abilities. Still, fun site!
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What does Mefi blue sound like?
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