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Flurb - issue #1, from Rudy Rucker.
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“They tend symbiotes called cows!”
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The first couple of Rudy's *ware books were fun at the time, and did a decent job at exploring cellular automation among other topics. But I've not enjoyed his subsequent works, which seem written as though they were children's books. He's got some intriguing ideas, sure... but I don't think he's developed as a writer. Flurb reinforces my belief.

But, hey... to each their own. Thanks for the link.
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Both Rucker and Di Filippo have a certain style that comes across as "child-like" at times, but these guys are not interested in oprah-style prose - they are more playful than that (!). It is in the spirit of play that you have to approach their work. Di Filippo's work in Fractal Paisleys is a good example of a child-like story about ideas and idea-play, as is Freck and the Elixir by Rucker. Basically I love these authors - they are very good at what they do - but it's not for everyone, and it is especially not for people who want to read a story with a certain "seriousness" and gravity. These stories are playful and not more - but seriously playful.
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Thanks for the link. Lead me to start reading "Lifebox". I think his writing style comes thru as clear, concise and.... playful, yes. *enjoys*
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WTF. ummm. WTF
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Rudy Rucker..who's that?

Oh, I remember. Wasn't he the brilliant mathematician who told us that by using Apple Computers we were going experience extreme longevity in a hyper-democracy where we were all (globally) going to mandate public policy in a never-ending rave?

Pass me that Piracetem, I got some serious global issues to solve before dawn. With nanothech. And AI. Oh, and, some wicked dance beats.
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And yes, I've played with his software and read all (I think) of his "."ware novels.
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Whoa, Marc Laidlaw^ has a story on here. For those who don't know, Laidlaw is possibly the only writer to ever become famous for writing... a video game (the Half-Life series).
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I went straight for the Terry Bisson. That man is deliciously fucked up.
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Thanks for this -- I love Rudy Rucker's stuff. There's a rumor that Michel Gondry is directing a film version of "Master of Space and Time" which would be the greatest thing ever.
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