We shall not be trilled
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We shall not be trilled, "The voice of the unusual bird is heard, In the pipe of the breathing floor:" , did you know victor the budgie (previous meta thread) has started his own church ?
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there is the prophecy of Nostradamus that also predicts what is happening here.

In Century 2 Quatrain 75 it says:

"The voice of the unusual bird is heard, In the pipe of the breathing floor:"

We believe our budgies are the ones that Nostradamus prophesied and the pipe of the breathing floor are the conduits carrying computer signals? The breathing floor is our heating systems and heat registers.

Also another quadrant Nostradamus says:

"House pets to communicate with man"

House pets finally communicate with man. Life then possible outside the planet. A new tyrant sows terror. Events to come.

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It's a kind of follow up thread - there have been some interesting developments in the story of the toy loving , sweet little budgie called victor and i thought it was my duty as a metafilterian to keep you all informed.
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So what of Dan Brown's revelations — are we now to re-reinterpret Christianity in terms of the "eternal avian"?
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you know , this time , just once i thought we could finally have a proper theological discussion on metafilter.
can we lay aside the snarking and concentrate on the validity or otherwise of this startling event ?
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Parrots are not budgies btw, you mong.
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I was wrong. Some parrots are budgies. I apologise.
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I'm DEEPLY offended.
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The internet isn't like a series of pipes in the breathing floor. It's more like a big truck that birds dump on.
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It all makes sense.
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Many of the budgies told me things like they were prophets and that we would start a new religion, and they would help to save the world. However, I really did not believe it. At one point I was heavily involved in documenting all they were saying about religion, but kept it a secret from most of the group. I even told myself I would not let them draw me into their beliefs of religion and just concentrated on those recordings that contained non religious structure. This was a dark time in my life and I drew further away from God for a period of about one year because of it. At the time I also did realize that everything that happened over the last five years was an indoctrination into learning how to communicate with God.
I agree with sgt. To deal with the complex ramifications of this event we must put aside our natural tendency to sneer.

The obsidian eyes, shockingly coloured plumage and tendency to bite that budgies show is perhaps, in a small way, a lesson for us to learn.

Before it is too late.
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Cover Your Eyes 137 KB emended audio
A very funny one where he tells Betty to cover her eyes because he farts people food once in a while.

Holy crap - so to speak - he shits humans!!! Why? Why would God send a zombie bird to usher in his second coming?
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"Prophet!" said I, "thing of evil!- prophet still, if bird or devil!
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As a budgie owner, I have to say that I find this ridiculous. Budgies are greedy little bastards who would kill you and everyone you love, if only you were small enough, for a sprig of millet and some mashed sweet potatoes. They lure you in with their sweet little baby eyes and quiet trilling and then BAM! Puberty sets in. Suddenly feet become sex toys and your cute little budgie friend is humping his perch and screaming at the window blinds for hours. HOURS. If budgies ever decide to start a religion it will be violent, loud and stupid. And will probably involve little mirrors and jingle bells.
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Well, budgies are a lot cuter than that ugly ol' Flying Spaghetti Monster. Sign me up.
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