I love the smell of cronyism in the morning...
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Heck of a Job, Tommy! State Department investigators have found that Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, chairman of the State Department office that oversees foreign broadcasts misused his office for personal and political gain. Mr. Tomlinson’s position at the broadcasting board makes him one of the administration’s top officials overseeing public diplomacy and puts him in charge of the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
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and running a "horse-racing operation" with government resources.

God bless free enterprise!
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"I am very proud of what I have accomplished for U.S. international broadcasting," said the former editor of Reader's Digest and friend of Bush political strategist Karl Rove. "I believe it will become clear this I.G. investigation was inspired by partisan divisions inside the BBG."

Same basic defense didn't work for Delay, and I hope it doesn't work for you, you miserable shitstain.

(Still mad about the CPB stuff.)
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What a prince of a fella.
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I think one of the biggest things that annoys me about this sort of thing is the default setting of "NO, NO, it wasn't MEEEEEE!!!" Even when caught red handed. I don't know one way or another about Kenny Y, it sounds pretty suspicious, but why the hell can't they just say "No comment", no one believes the "I'm innocent" line anyway.
Public officials should be required by law to be under oath anytime they speak publicly, and any provable falsehoods should be treated as perjury.
So, if you say something, make it truthfull, or don't say it. The level of mistrust in government is at a point where there needs to be a radical shift to correct it.
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"Tomlinson's racehorses include three named for leaders of Afghanistan, including the country's president, Hamid Karzai, said a source familiar with the State Department report."

Somehow, I bet the Bush administration uses these horses to help determine it's foreign policy.
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The investigation determined that Tomlinson used his office for his thoroughbred activities, but the summary offers no details.

What could this mean? If he's breeding thoroughbreds in his office, at least he's a good friend of Karl Rove who is a master at cleaning up shit. (Though if there's talk of a blue dress, I'm finished with reading about this particular scandal!)
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"A White House spokeswoman, Emily Lawrimore, said Bush continues to support Tomlinson's pending renomination as BBG chairman. She had no further comment."

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There's a whole crowd of these really corrupt destructive people appointed by Bush who go from govt. entity to govt. entity, ruining and discrediting them on purpose. He was placed at PBS to make it more conservative and he stole. He was placed at VOA and RFE and stole again. The NASA guy too.

Bolton also, is at the UN and he doesn't believe in it at all.

They're all in charge of running the government and don't believe in government at all, unless it enriches themselves and their friends--you can see it in all agencies.
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This is the same asshole who tried to dismantle public radio and television. I hope he ends up rotting away in prison.
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So, how many of them elected officalandos use and bill the american citizens for non-government work? I bet more than this one guy.
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is anyone not yet convinced this is the worst presidency of all time? what's it gonna take?
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I hope he ends up rotting away in prison.

If by "rotting" you mean enduring a dally routine of "indecency." And. Hard. In the ass.

Then I agree.

But more likely he will be taking tennis lessons, eating a lo-carb diet, and watching Deadwood from a cell that more resembles a mid-range modern style Manhattan condo.
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From TFA: Federal prosecutors have declined to investigate the case for criminal wrongdoing, according to the State Department report. But the new allegations detailed in the report only seem to portend more trouble for Tomlinson and the White House.

So it seems that he won't be seeing any time in a Federal PMITA prison, which is probably too bad. I don't really understand the goal of the investigation -- so he acted improperly, unethically and possibly illegally, but nothing's going to be done about it? That's about all I get out of the article.
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...so he acted improperly, unethically and possibly illegally, but nothing's going to be done about it? That's about all I get out of the article.

That's about all you'll get out of this administration as well.
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This guy again. Tried to dismantle NPR. What a text book example of the Peter Principle.

"In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

So many of these incompetents in the Bush administration, it's hard to keep count.
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You know... I'm not all that political but, the shit is getting deep as of late. After that read - I tasted a little vomit in my mouth.
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Obligatory statement of the obvious: We only hear about the criminals who are being caught.

Just read some Grover Norquist ca. the late 90's--the whole point of the Rovean doctrine isn't to make government smaller, it's to so thoroughly monkey-wrench it that it will die a slow, expensive death program by program, department by department, until Americans live in a flat-tax utopia.

Wrong about Iraq, wrong about the economy, wrong about Katrina, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Shorter: what amberglow said.
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This guy again. Tried to dismantle NPR. What a text book example of the Peter Principle.

I'd like to propose a corollary to the Peter Principle: In a corrupt heirarchical system, only the most corrupt individuals are allowed to move into positions of higher authority, which makes the corruption in such systems self-perpetuating (obviously, such an outcome is even worse than the simple tyranny of incompetence to which the Peter principle leads).
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So... anyone have a betting pool yet on just how many pardons Bush is going to hand out in 2 years?
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I bet he's going for the least-vetos/most-pardons twofer.
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i'm sure the pardons will be accompanied by "Medals of Freedom" all around.
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