dreamcast dead!?
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dreamcast dead!?

ah sega... we had such hopes.
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fergot to credit k10k for the link.
posted by o2b at 5:43 PM on January 23, 2001

I love the Dreamcast. It has some really great games, the gfx are decent and the price is super low.

Even if they do kill it off, it will hold me until the next generation comes out (GameCube, maybe even Xbox...)
posted by cell divide at 5:44 PM on January 23, 2001

article does say they will continue making games for it. probably still worth buying.
posted by o2b at 5:49 PM on January 23, 2001

Sega's not confirming the reports.

posted by Hackworth at 5:50 PM on January 23, 2001

It depends which reports you believe. It could all just be a marketing ploy to increase the demand for Dreamcast and give Microsoft (and Sony) some competition. If you knew they wouldn't be producing and selling new units, i would think buyers who were waiting on the prices to go down would be pushed harder to purchase a unit now.
posted by Mllebleu at 6:10 PM on January 23, 2001

If Sega wants to divert their energy to game software, I'm all for it. I'll never had to break down and buy a dreamcast, and instead will finally get to enjoy crazy taxi and jet grind radio on my playstation.
posted by mathowie at 6:26 PM on January 23, 2001

I feel bad for Sega, there's nothing wrong with Dreamcast - great value, great games, great graphics, just a great system all around. Hard to see why it isn't succeeding.
posted by swank6 at 6:51 PM on January 23, 2001

Reuters is also confirming SEGA's confirmation of continued support.

I thought the the console industry would be big enough, but SEGA is facing competitors with lots of money and they are smart enough to move into a position where they can thrive. SEGA makes good games and they will survive.
posted by john at 7:49 PM on January 23, 2001

Sega's recent comments in the Japanese media seem to suggest that this story is true.

First, a few months back, Sega of Japan (where the Dreamcast is being outsold 10 to 1 weekly by the PS2 and 2 to 1 by the struggling N64) announced plans to gain "25% of the software market". They currently have 4%, and it would be impossible for them to get to 25% without supporting other consoles.

Second, Sega were the most money-losing company in Japan last quarter, with greater losses than a milk firm whose milk was largely contaminated across Japan, to the dismay of the public.

Third, Sega of Japan have consistently hinted at a plan "to leave the hardware market", but to allow the DC to be manufactered by others into other devices (such as a PC chip or a set-top Box). This would fit in with the plans.

Fourth, SoA are the only ones denying the rumour with any force.

Fifth, look at this MSNBC article. Look at the vague statements of support about midway thru even from SoA's Chris Bellfield.

DC is a great system software-wise. However, Sega simply do not have the marketing or third-party muscle to be successful this generation.

posted by Kevs at 8:09 PM on January 23, 2001

Oh geeze. You know it's over when the people selling contaminated milk do better than you...
posted by whatnotever at 8:57 PM on January 23, 2001

This IGN article explains what they know about the situation. SoA at least is trying to make it clear that everything is rumour. Supposedly there will be some Sega announcements within the week to confirm they are continuing with DC.
posted by swank6 at 11:15 PM on January 23, 2001

Can I just say that I've been thinking of buying a Dreamcast for *weeks* just to play Samba De Amigo, ever since Chuck of Looka! talked about it.You have to love a gaming system with a game that is played with actual handheld MARACCAS as controllers. I mean, really.
posted by lia at 12:10 AM on January 24, 2001

Not to mention the usual fare such as light guns and steering wheels, and other diverse input devices including a keyboard for Typing of the Dead and fishing reels. :)
posted by swank6 at 6:49 AM on January 24, 2001

whispered, barely audible . . .

. . . it's sinking

posted by fpatrick at 6:54 AM on January 24, 2001

It's worth buying a system just to play Shenmue, imminent demise or no.
posted by sudama at 9:13 AM on January 24, 2001

It may only be Dreamcast Mk1 that is dead according to the reg

Do you thik all of this is Karma for the Mega-CD and 32X?
posted by fullerine at 9:29 AM on January 24, 2001

Lia: Can I just say that I've been thinking of buying a Dreamcast for *weeks* just to play Samba De Amigo, ever since Chuck of Looka! talked about it?

Even if they do end up dumping the console, I dont' care. I'm still getting one (and "Samba" and the maracas) this weekend, now that I've recovered from Chri$tma$ $ea$on. I'm not much of a gamer, but I got so hooked on Samba after playing it once that it'll be worth it to buy a Dreamcast just to play that one game.

One hit. It's the crack cocaine of video games.
posted by chuq at 5:19 PM on January 24, 2001

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