From Albanian to Wayuunaiki, Arabic to Welsh
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Lyrikline: A German site showcasing more than 300 international poets reading their work in 39 different languages.
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That's an amazing site. There are poems by some of my favorite modern German-language poets! And it's a chance to hear poetry in all sorts of languages I'd never hear otherwise. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow, that's fantastic. I listened to Ismail Kadare read a poem in brisk Albanian and then Gennady Aygi (a Chuvash poet) read one in languorous, uvular Russian, both sounding completely unexpected and compellinig. Thanks very much for this post.
posted by languagehat at 5:48 PM on September 8, 2006

Thanks for this fantastic link. I had been wanting access to contemporary German poets whose work may not even have been published in anything I could find.
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This is great! Really wonderful site. What a fantastic chance to hear 'the poet's rhythm' as it applies to so many different languages. Many thanks!
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Thanks, Iridic. Fun to hear Les Murray reading Bats' Ultrasound...
posted by rory at 6:57 AM on September 9, 2006

Cool site. Thanks for linking to it.
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thank you thank you
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