Here's an FYI - You're All Gonna Die Screaming
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Re Your Brains is the music video to a great song (a memo between two businessmen, detailing the fact that one of them is now a zombie and intends to eat the other one's brains) by the much mefi'd Jonathan Coulton; apparently inspired by his "Flickr: the Video", fans are making DIY videos for several of his songs over at the JoCoPro (Jonathan Coulton Project). Two of my favorite non-zombie related ones are The Presidents, a mnemonic for memorizing every U.S. President in order & at least one fact about each, and Code Monkey, detailing the warm secret heart of a Frito loving coder.
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I'm definately hearing shades of They Might Be Giants in Re Your Brains - and that's a good thing.
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Three chords one note
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[this is good]

Coulton's songs are a little bit on the "too nerdy" side - I really wanted to like Code Monkey, but honestly found it a little too stalker-y. But "Re Your Brains" is awesome.
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I first heard this song used to wonderful effect in How To Succeed In Evil, and I thought I was going to die from trying not to laugh out loud.
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A Talk With George qualifies as the best song ever written about George Plimpton--bar none.

Oh, and W's Duty is juvenile, but hilarious.
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This is wonderful. "Shawn of the Dead" taken to its logical, perverse, musical conclusion. Thanks, jonson!

The video is a little repetitive, tho - and for some reason the zombie-tearing-out-the-neck-of-a-screaming-black-woman shot gets to me ("but not the flying eyeball?" you say? I know, I know). I'd love to see a remix.
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I think on Jeopardy, the answer (in the form of a question of course) to "Mandelbrot Set" would be "What would you get if you crossed They Might Be Giants with Tom Lehrer?" Or is that redundant?
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I really like "The Presidents," especially little zingers like "Taft was big and fat and had a mustache" and "Hoover screwed the pooch in the Great Depression." I agree that Re: Your Brains would be better if it didn't repeat the video in the choruses (the song itself could stand to lose a verse too, maybe, but I still like it). Nice find!
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There's a few more versions floating around on YouTube. I like this one.
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Jonathan Coulton also co-hosts the Little Gray Book Lectures with John Hodgman, from which you can download some podcasty highlights here.
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Romero's zombies would eat any part of you. It's funny how the Return of the Living Dead's obsession with brains got so popular.
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When I first heard Re Your Brains, a fully-formed video for it developed in my mind, and although I've seen a half-dozen fan-made videos in the past, not one of them comes close to capturing the song.

Time to break out the lights, cameras and latex wounds, I guess.
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Maybe not quite as grown up as the original President link but I like them...Yacko Schmacko and Dot from the Animaniacs present:
the presidents and The Nations of the World except Wales as well as the planets
and All the words in the english language
Might be a good thing Pinky and the Brain arent around to consult for GW...or maybe thats where he got his inspiration....hmmm
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I agree that Re: Your Brains would be better if it didn't repeat the video in the choruses (the song itself could stand to lose a verse too, maybe, but I still like it).

I agree that it could lose a verse, but it's the bridge that really makes it. "I'm not a monster . . . well technically I am." His songs aren't complicated, it's true, but they are so darn catchy! And thanks for the George Plimpton link -- that's actually a really great song about how to live.
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That code monkey video is terrible. Lip-synching should be banned from these things.
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Uh mah gah - there's a Coulton coloring book!!
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