Stanford Prison Experiment, Stanley Milgram's Obedience Experiment [Google Video]
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Two infamous studies of obedience and conformity: The Stanford Prison Experiment, The Milgram Experiment [Google Video]
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Wikipedia: stanford experiment, milgram experiment
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Previously, previously and previously.
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Sorry the second previously was supposed to be this link.
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Milgram, Milgram, Stanford, milgram tag, etc.
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Perhaps I should have been more clear, these are video documentaries made by the experimenters, I don't think they have been posted before.
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The reading is interesting, but watching the real footage of the experiment, post-experiment interviews and commentary is something else.
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We do what we're told to do.
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Is this a controlled experiment to see how aggressive MeFi users will get when presented with a double post? If it is, then I have free run to go crazy. Just let me know.
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I wish some of ya'll would take a look at the video, do some research on the experiment, and actually appreciate this groundbreaking experiment for what it is (amazing) as opposed to spending the entire time snarking about some stupid rules. Take it to MeTa or flag it. Derailing this thread (and changing the focus to something so supercilious) is damn stupid when this video is so awesome.
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