David Burnett - Photojournalist
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The Photos of David Burnett - Come for the Aftermath of Katrina, stay for The Measures of Time, the Beaches of Normandy, Too Close!, and more. His photos stretching back over 35 years have earned him most if not all of photojournalism's top awards.
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he shoots a 4x5 Speed Graphic and a Holga toy camera

his toy camera work is here, too

Heavyweight champion George Foreman at an exhibition match promoting his upcoming title defense against Muhammad Ali in Zaire. Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., August 1974

David Burnett
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Burnett photo gallery
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Sweet! Thanks, matteo, for the back-up links.
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Loved Burnett's observation about the utility of a big ol' Speed Graphic as a device for clearing a way through a crowd, if it comes down to that. Nice pictures, too.
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Lots of nice pics!
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Brilliant post - the photo gallery is astounding.

(If you have time to drift through them one by one full size, rather than cherry picking thumbnails, his talent becomes quite overwhelming.)
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