Demi Moore Demo
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Demi's Demo from 1982.
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Holy smokes. How does one come across such things?
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I remember the 80s as a scary time for good music. I wonder how we got out alive with this type of stuff around.
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Sensible people--more sensible than me, anyway--will resist the urge to listen to the audio samples.
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And little Ashton was just four years old at the time...
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yes. we all had a lot more hair back then.
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Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I like to keep fancy birds.
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Though I have to say, she's got a great rock voice, since she sounds like she's smoke 4 packs a day since she was 12.
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Apparently, that's the same Stan Lynch on drums who used to play for the Heartbreakers. He musta been low on cash.

yes. we all had a lot more hair back then.

Actually, I have more hair now. I'm a loner, a rebel.
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And let us never forget her musical stylings in One Crazy Summer.
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Music sucked because everyone wanted to use the new technology but no one really knew how to use it well.

I had to listen to "On a Night Like This" just to make sure that it was not the Dylan song. It was not. I can rest easy.
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Appropriately enough, the first track sounds like the kind of song you'd play over the opening montage of a movie about a plucky young lady from a flyover state (Demi Moore) who shows up in New York or possibly Chicago to seek her fortune. She's stuck in a dead-end temp job, but on weekends she rocks the clubs in clothes she designs herself with the help of her tough-talking, gum-cracking Jersey roommate (Laura San Giacomo). She gets fired and it looks like she'll have to head back to Anytown with her tail between her legs until a worldly fashion photographer (Bruce Willis) notices her shaking her booty at the hottest club in town and puts her in a Vogue photo spread - wearing her own clothes!

It's called Off the Rack. All I need is a couple mil, Chris Columbus and a time machine, and I'm betting it'll be one of the top ten films of 1985. Don Simpson's already expressed an interest, which is to say he glanced up from his mound of cocaine for nearly a full second and made distracted nodding gestures.

Also, and it does warrant mention, that first track is nowhere near as abysmal as some of the stuff that was inescapable on mainstream radio around the same time. Starship, I'm most certainly looking in your general direction. And don't try hiding behind REO Speedwagon's hair again, I'm onto you.
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I'd love to mock it, but it just sounds so innocent and "eighties" that I kinda liked the vibe. The way she sings "you got your actions planned" on "Tears" is endearing.
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Absolutely perfect, gompa.
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Like McCartney and Lennon, or Mozart and Haydn, just imagine the frisson when this musical genius boned her.
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Well, to give Bruce Willis his (small) due, I think he knew he sucked and just did the album for yuks and bucks, which I'd have probably done in his shoes, too. I get the feeling Demi was 100% serious. Good thing she has a nice ass.

(I still wonder how she got Stan Lynch to drum for her, since she was a nobody back then still)
posted by jonmc at 1:36 PM on September 19, 2006

I get the feeling Demi was desperate and her agent was serious.
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She was on General Hospital right around then, with the woman from Northern Exposure (they were sisters, i think)
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Drill down in the site and you come up with some gems from Demi's first husband -- Freddie Moore, of Skogie and more recently, the Kat Club. Lots of audio, definitely worth a listen.

Also, true Demi fans know she had a hard life as a kid, and held other jobs (NSFW) before becoming a Brat Packer...
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Mmmm. Laura San Giacomo.


What were we talking about again? Oh, right

I found Demi's Bio. She still gets royalties from her Mad Songwriting Skillz. Boo ya!
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Sparx, you missed the most salient point from her bio: she was born in Roswell, New Mexico!

That fact alone explains everything else...
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The poppy sound sucks, but Demi has that deep-throat, Kim Carnes/Laura Brannigan-esqe voice. Not bad for cheesy 80s pop.
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Carnes? Brannigan? Actually I was thinking more Stevie Nicks circa 1983. She's not too bad. Not great, but very okay. As vain and shallow as 80s music is, I have a soft spot for it cuz that was the soundtrack of my adolescence. I'm not proud of it, but there it is.
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She looks younger now.
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One of the tracks is called "Mad about the boy."

/Sorry, was just reading Fark.
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