January 25, 2001
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The year is 1995, and GE Information Services is looking to sell off its unprofitable online service GEnie. (Here is a rate sheet.) GEnie Lamp Apple II offers some thoughts on the sale, and here is a synopsis of the big online services after GEnie's demise (choice quotes abound!)
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With the CRTC's authorization of competition between telephone and cable TV companies, it's only a matter of time before you'll be offered one-stop shopping for all your communications needs, a flat-rate plan for cable TV, local telephone service and Internet access.

Scary. I call that "AT&T".
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GEnie went straight downhill, vertically, after being sold off to IDT. They failed to adapt with the times; net access was spotty. However, it held on till 2000 somehow; final messages from the SFRT.
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IDT made some sort of deal with Brother to bundle Genie access (the GE went away after it was sold) with their word processors, which could also use a modem. There was a pretty good influx of Brother users and they couldn't really use much else, so a lot of them stayed.
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I would say any service that asks you to "rub the lamp" to login might not be around too much longer.
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They did pretty well with that slogan for, oh, fifteen years, I think...
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Whoa... reminds me of the days of running up my mom's credit card on QuantumLink with my ole' trusty c-64.

And to think that the hours she paid for is about half the time I spend online in ONE DAY now!
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