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MappyHour is a Google Maps and happy-hour mashup. It includes mostly US cities, with decent Australian representation ... plus Paris, France and Windsor, Ontario. Sorry, direct city links don't seem to work.
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I know someone else had to have been thinking of this.
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This is the best Google Map extension that has ever been made. All the others are absolutely, totally insignificant. I am basking in the glory that is MappyHour.
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That's just damn cool.
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um, i don't know. this still isn't that interesting. maybe it'll be more interesting when they have more details actually entered in? most of the pubs in my area don't have any happy hour details listed, so it's basically just an incomplete yellow pages search.
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That's the first time a Google Maps hack didn't work in Firefox for me (I get a dark-grey screen where the map is supposed to be, and clicking on the names of the bars doesn't do anything). Works okay in IE6, though. Hmm.
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Massachusetts has a law banning Happy Hour -- since 1984.
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Ahh, technology for the rummy on the go. I should send the link to my ex.
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This is brilliant. Once the details are actualy filled in (I take it this is a new site...?) then it will be my Bible...

I've already started entering in the details I know of for my city.
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Meh. i had gotten all excited but right now its just a list of every bar in the city.

Ok..thats not such a bad thing but its info obtainable already from lots of other sites.
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Dallas has been renamed Houston, as if we need the humidity....
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There don't seem to be any locations in Windsor. It's just picking up the nearby Detroit bars.
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Weston, I was with you... and also this.
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Meh. i had gotten all excited but right now its just a list of every bar in the city.


Dallas has been renamed Houston, as if we need the humidity....


double meh. Decent idea, piss poor execution. Apparently the only bars in Dallas ('Houston') are in the downtown loop or Deep Ellum or a half mile from there.

There's been an excel spreadsheet passed around for years that does an infinitely better job of outlining happy hours here, where each day of the week is a different tab and it actually *gasp* includes the specials.

Granted, it wasn't Google Mapped, but hell, at least it included the entire f'ing city.
posted by Ufez Jones at 9:42 PM on October 3, 2006 seems to be the same thing, and is a bit older so it has more information.
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There's a spreadsheet that goes around in the DC area every year, gaining in popularity right around when all the interns show up. The info on there is so horribly outdated, it's near worthless.

Unfortunately, this site seems to use that data. It lists bars that haven't even existed for many months....
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agreed, agreed, and agreed, and I love Mappy too! there's a go-kart track outside of Louisville (Kart Kountry) where you can still find the stand-up version.

still, for San Francisco, it's not horrible (though I saw all those glasses downtown and said "no way"), plus I kinda like the interface. i've already started adding/correcting information.

umthirsty is likewise good, and seems to have more info for most places.
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Thank you mrgrimm! Truly BOTW *hic*
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Hi, I wanted to say that I started and developed Unthirsty with the help of a very talented programmer, and MappyHour blatantly has stolen our data for many US cities. Now, I am the first to admit that public facts are not copyrightable, I am mainly disappointed with their use of our comments and 'notes' which have been taken word for word. I looked around and the only bars that have data available are ones that have been entered by hand by myself or our readers at unthirsty.

Obviously, I've even used other guides to get data for my site, but I have never taken comments, nor word for word documentation of a bar such as MappyHours has done.

I only wish to set the record straight...
< / soapbox>
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Well, I'd like to prove that I had this idea before all yalls. . .no, seriously. Ok, next idea for you all to telepathically steal via aluminum transmitters and what. . . .a music concert site where you enter all your favorite bands and then the site sends you an email when the band is coming to town, and perhaps emails when bands are coming to town that other people are going to who have shared fave bands. There. See. Stop poking in my head you can just have the ideas.
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I think you're joking MHIS but that already exists...

on D.C. that spreadsheet is a huge urban legend, or at least it is like 6 years old. But Mappy hour probably got a copy of it and imported it full scale into their database, which makes it useless.

I *wish* someone would take the data in this site and fancy it up with maps and stuff...
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