Wait till you see them in the bathroom
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Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers. (Google Video.) Sort of like Stomp, except Scandihoovian and, you know, not totally embarrassing to like.
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I'm not embarrassed to like Stomp.
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If you like this, you should check out "Woman and Gramophone", another short film made by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson. It's pretty great.
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And by "sort of like Stomp" you mean exactly like Stomp? Still cool though. This reminded me of the Hurra Torpedo post.
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Am I a bad person for expecting that one of them--likely the woman, given that she seemed to be on whirring/buzzing-appliance duty--would be playing the vibrator in the bedroom?
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[This is good.]
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I'm not embarrassed to like Stomp.

And I'm embarassed for anyone who likes this.
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Oh god, I couldn't stand their furtively marbles-in-the-mouth blank expressions. They gave me the irritable heebie jeebies. (Especially the not-vibrator lady).

And "Stomp" is still great if you have pissed off teenagers to entertain.
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This was lovely. I'm all smiles. :-)

Seen stomp and tap dogs in person and they were both good fun. But the best percussive dance troupe I know of would be
"Shawn McConneloug and her orchestra" - if you're ever in Minneapolis when they are performing do anything you can to see them. You will not be disappointed.
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It sounds to me like there was a great deal of post production sound work involved, if not outright studio recorded sound.
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Oh, it's definitely studio recorded. You simply do not sound like a double bass if you twanging a vacuum cleaner hose. Besides, there would have been microphones all over the place. It was rather original, though, the way they were harmonizing with electric razors and other appliances.

IMHO, Stomp's a lot of fun to play. And this is a good example of what can be done with the form.
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It was cool - although playing the same phrase on two different sets of glasses in the first track was a bit of a give away. I found the second track a bit boring but I reckon that's because I'm at work and it didn't grab me early on.

Did anyone else think that the first number sounded a bit like Severed Heads?
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For some reason, I see things like this, and I think the internet is a rebirth of sorts for the short film. So many people experimenting and making interesting things that it's quite extraordinary, and now they have an outlet.

And then I read the comments section (everywhere, not just here), and I see how most people are just a bunch of snarky haters and so why should anyone even try.

ok rant over.
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Am I bad for thinking that since they're Scandanavian, they'd clean up after themselves and exit just barely in time not to get caught?

Loved it, tho, ta!
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I have always loved the sound of a vacuum cleaner sucking up something big and hard and it rattling all the way up the tube. (oops that sounded a little X-rated) I also loved the squeeky toy. Who doesn't think about doing stuff like this?

Crash Course in Science had a song called "Kitchen Motors", featuring, you guessed it, motorized kitchen appliances way back in 1979.
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That was freakin' awesome. The kitchen and living room were best. It's more like Matmos than Stomp, really.
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Thanks for the post, Astro Zombie. Really enjoyed the film; especially playing the toilet and the perfume/spray stuff; it picked me up after a long day at work. Some people I play music like this with (I'm the one in the hat) just got invited to leave rural Maine and head out to the first conference of the International Society for Improvised Music, in early December at the University of Michigan. I 've been invited too; hope I can figure out how to tag along.
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