That sounds colorful...
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The John Whitney Music Box Variations are (currently) 17 nifty Flash sound/color objects based on the harmonics and algorithmic animation work of John Whitney, from the same fine fellow who brought us CoverPop and ColrPickr.
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Some of it sounds like the music from The Forbidden Planet. So, he has made a synthesizer that sounds like something from 1957. Just an observation, not a criticism.

[This is good]
posted by asok at 2:16 AM on October 8, 2006

You're not alone, asok. I was reminded of early Ed Wood and other bad SF soundtracks from the era. Some of the variations are even creepier and more dissonant than said soundtracks.

My favorites so far are the more straight-forward harmonics of variation 7 as well the absolutely delicious cacaphony of variation 10.
posted by loquacious at 2:20 AM on October 8, 2006 well as the absolutely delicious cacaphony of variation 10, which sounds like something straight out of Kubrick's 2001, or the winds in a symphony warming up for something terrifyingly dark and complicated.

Seriously, I can listen to some of these for extended periods of time as is as found compositions, but I'm admittedly biased and I really like hurting my head w/ strange music.

I look forward to his stand-alone, midi-enabled variations. I can actually see myself using these in experimental music sessions/jams.
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Wow, this is awesome. I love the buildup in #1 just before it gets back around to the start.
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a very cool double. (tellurian linked to variation 5.)
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Amazing! Sounds like the universe.
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Wow, thanks for connecting the dots.. literally.
I FPP'd some krazydad stuff, and then over a year later, happened across and blogged this same thing. (< -dot is self-link, for reference>
But it never dawned on me that they were from the same source, and I'd completely missed Colorpop!
Thanks for tying it all together!
On preview.. crap, double, yet even more info under every link.. So thanks for that too..

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sloppy html, sorry
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Some additional variations (MIDI files):

- jbum
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Double or not, that made my morning. Thanks!
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thanks, jbum! that's worth turning into an easy-to-click link:
some additional variations (MIDI files)

I listen to your Music Box in the middle of the night.
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Well, damn. Mr. Krazy Dad himself. Hello there, jbum!
posted by loquacious at 6:34 AM on October 8, 2006

The calliope one kept me thinking of Carnival of Souls. I used to do crazed things like this on my Apple IIe, so this is yet another reason for me to learn Flash. Also, I'm sure this music could be used to drive normal people to madness in short order.
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I've always been fascinated with frequencies, both electromagnetic and compression. I'm filing this one under "I should have fucking thought of that."

This is really, really good. Like loquacious, I enjoy hurting my head with odd sounds. I just listen to them, getting all short of breath at the math contained therein.
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and a hearty thank you to you too, jbum.
posted by hypersloth at 2:11 AM on October 9, 2006

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