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Beckhal’s Tears is the first film to safely come out of Iraq addressing the current discord for women in the region and the culture. Laund Omar is only the third director to bring a completed film out of Iraqi Kurdistan after seeing "that nobody was doing anything for the youth, not in society and not in the media" in this region. Placing rave-pop dancer Ozzie Aziz in the lead role, this film has recieved middle eastern and international recognition, but of course has slipped through popular American press attention.
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repost of Laund Omar interview :
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Don't feel bad, the American popular press does not discriminate in its near universal ignorance of foreign cinema. Oh, well occasionally a UK film will slip into the American consciousness, but they're just Americans with funny accents anyway.
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I recently saw Turtles can Fly, about Kurdish kids awaiting the American "liberation" forces at the beginning of the war.
Very moving.
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Your interview link is borked. It has an extra "html".
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Looks interesting.
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