2D to 3D
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Finding The Third Dimension. A research project at Carnegie Mellon University that attempts to extract the third dimension from one single photograph. (YouTube video, via)
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Previously. But this video is longer and the additional examples are cool to see.
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Actual YouTube page with 2,000+ comments and several other cool videos from the same user.
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oops. missed the previous post.
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should something have come out of my screen?
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That video is crazy awesome, in a brilliantly hallucinatory kinda way. Better quality images and some kind of automagic stiching will pretty much make this the coolest thing ever.
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This video in French was discussed on fark recently, similar tech, with some cool effects added at around 4:40.
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[this is good]
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The street with buildings on each side is downright amazing.

Agreeing with MetaMonkey... some super-hi res images and automagic stiching, we could have Google Earth with Upload-Your-Block capability.
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This is amazing. Imagine what it could do with panoramas.
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Here's the project web site, you can actually download an executable. Not sure if source is available.
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...completely automatically
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That's crazy rad.
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