RIP Tropicalia composer & arranger Rogério Duprat
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Composer and arranger Rogério Duprat passed away on Thursday. Duprat had a substantial career in music for films and commercials, but he is best known for shaping the sound of Tropicalia, the revolutionary stew of Brazilian folk styles, bossa nova, MPB, rock, jazz, blues and psychedelica. Some youtube clips: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil , Os Mutantes, and Gal Costa.
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Another article on Tropicalia.
This flash site has an interview with Duprat (in the interview section, click on the little plus sign to the right of the names.)
One more youtube link--the video on this one is just a slideshow.
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Strange, this life. I discovered Tropicalia music, and Os Mutantes specifically, only two weeks ago.
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I recently discovered Tropicalia. Os Mutantes quickly became the best band in the world for me. Best. Band. Eva.
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Hmmm... I too just discovered Tropicalia, but only superficially--I hadn't yet learned much about it besides a few tracks that I enjoy but don't understand. Thank you for the links. And thank you Mr Duprat for the music.
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Holy shit! This guy was great!

I thought he was a lot older than this, but I guess that's just because anything that came before my time actually happened 8000 years ago. (I didn't know he studied with Zappa under Stockhausen. That would have been fun to witness.)

Os Mutantes, Gil and Veloso are fantastic, and they all owe no small amount of credit to his progressive vision.
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que saudade.

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Hmm, that Caetano Veloso clip I linked to is a song from his 1968 album, which was arranged by Júlio Medaglia, Damiano Cozzela and Sandino Hohagen, not Duprat. Oops. Look for his 1969 album.

To make up for that, here's another article on tropicalia. The sound clips don't work, but try here instead.
And here's another youtube slideshow, with the audio of a Caetano Veloso freakout while he and Os Mutantes attempt to play the Duprat-arranged "É Proibido Proibir" in front of an unacceptive crowd.
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