Percy Grainger and the Orchestra
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The Orchestra: A User's Manual is one element of 'The Sound Exchange' by the Philharmonia Orchestra. It was conceived and written by Andrew Hugill who has also developed this online Random Round [flash] based on the work of Percy Grainger.
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I am ashamed to admit I am so uncultured and unmusical as to need such a manual, but I am, and I do -- so, thanks.

(Though your first link seems to point to an older version; I'm not sure if it's exactly the same as this newer one -- which has all the bells and whistles, so to speak.)
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There is also a neat collection of orchestral samples. Cool.
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Check out their "Groove Search." Oh, those funky British classical musicians . . . gettin' their groove on!

Seriously, if anyone still cares about common practice period classical music this site is a nice effort. Thanks for the post.
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Some may find this online version of Rimsky-Korsakov's Principles of Orchestration an interesting complement.
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Great post! I've just bookmarked a couple of these links. Thanks.
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Am loving that Random Round link - thanks!

If you're after a bit of an old-school introduction (in every sense) to orchestration, see if you can find a recording of The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. Particularly without the narration (when it goes by its other title (Variation and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell) - there's a great Bernstein version out there - it reminds you that Britten was an orchestrator par excellence (to rival Ravel, to my mind). The percussion variations, in particular, are mind blowing.

Other required reading has to be Walter Piston's Orchestration, the first section of which deals with each instrument in enough detail for you to blag your way through just about anything.
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