Deepak Chopra starts an internet company

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Deepak Chopra starts an internet company
"MyPotential, which opened for business on the Net this month, could use some clever wheeler-dealing. It is a lousy time to launch a multimedia venture, especially one that until a few months ago was hyped as a web-oriented business."
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I thought my loathing of Deepak Chopra had reached its apex, but the ceiling just lifted. I shall do a jaunty little jig when this site inevitably flames out.

From one of the articles:

"Of all the experiences we can have, experiencing our inner selves is the most important. Why? Because the body is the objective experience of our ideas, while the mind is the subjective experience of them. The body is ever changing and the mind, with its thoughts, feelings, and desires comes and goes. They are both experiences locked in time and space; they are not the experiencer. The one who is having the experience is beyond time and space; it is the real you. It is the timeless factor in every time-bound experience, the feeler behind the feeling, the thinker of thoughts, the animator of our bodies and minds. It is our soul."

I defy anyone to explain exactly what this drippy pseudomystical horseshit really means. It seems to me, if I'm generous, that he's taking an entire paragraph to say, "Know yourself." Hey, thanks!
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Oh, you can't fool me, Skot! I'm on to you and your tricks, you Belittling Ben!
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Hi and welcome to McPhilosophy. Would you like to try one of our Extra Validation Meals?
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If he were a real prophet, there'd be fleas in his hair.
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