Getting caught in an avalanche would *SUCK*
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The Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center provides massive amounts of NWS remote weather station data on precipitation statewide. With avalanche season about to begin, these data are extremely useful to both amateur recreationists and snow professionals.
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The Canadian Avalanche Association has published a pretty sweet online avalanche education course. It is NOT sufficient preparation for backcountry travel, but it is grrreat as an introduction or a refresher. Flash.
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that's totally worksafe, man, wtf?
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oh god I saw NWS as NSFW too and just kinda flashed on the concept of half-dressed global warming babes and moved on. We shall all surely die.
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For what it's worth, there are a lot of hawt search & rescue folk up here.
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I knew a guy who died in an avalanche he created while skiing/snowboarding in Alaska (helicoptered in; not at a resort or near a park service trail). Sucked for him; sucked for his girlfriend and others that watched it happen.

I really like NOAA. At their Northwest River Forecast Center you can see the flooding in Washington and Oregon.
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Timely post, considering the amount of snow Juneau got the last few days. Maybe this year could mean another downtown snowjam. I think I'll start wearing my bike helmet.
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The stage and discharge data used in most of the forecasts on the NRFC page is from the USGS, which is another treasure trove of cool data.
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