At least it's not spandex.
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The Corduroy Appreciation Club meets annually in New York on November 11, "because 11/11 is the date that most resembles corduroy." Pictures, as well as an interview with a corduroy fan who came all the way from the UK to the meeting.
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Make headlines! Sleep on a corduroy pillow.

Somebody had to say it.
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Truly it is the fabric of kings (says proud owner of corduroy jacket).
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That has to be the coolest thing I ever saw. And by "coolest" I mean warmest, because, yummm, corduroy.
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Soft and plush is the new hardcore.
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wow -- i met a couple members of this club in a bar in manhattan once and they asked me to join, based on a jacket i was wearing. they have corduroy-backed membership cards and everything. at the time i found it peculiar in a very bklyn-hipster way, but now that it's on MeFi i regret turning them down!
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They meet on Remeberance Day? Or do Americans not have Rememberance Day?
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Instead of Remembrance Day, USians have Veterans Day, but it's mostly for shopping (and a day off, if you're in a labor union).

Anyway, corduroy rules because I'm allowed to wear corduroy pants at work, even though jeans are verboten. Which is stupid, but I love me some corduroy. I've always wondered, though, is it okay to wear corduroys in summer?
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Don't get me wrong, I loves me the corduroy, but it always bothered me how a rip that would be minor in a regular pair of pants is absolutely catastrophic in corduroy. Make some ripstop corduroy and I'm sold!
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My favorite pair of pants as a youngster were corduroy bell-bottoms, with the bell so big it covered my shoe. I loved the way they fit, the way they felt, and the way they went shhhk-shhhk-shhhk when I walked.
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When the speakers were finished, did the audience members applaud or just rub their legs together?
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Thick or thin cord mr_crash_davis? It may account for the different sound.
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Heh. It was the Seventies, so of course it had to be thick. The wider the wale, the better.
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11/11 is pocky day.
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Corduroy was always my favorite when I was a kid.
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The New Yorker piece was suitably twee.
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Surely I'm not the only one who wants to see them go head-to-head with the velour gang just so I can see the uniforms.
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Has anyone ever tried Cordarounds? I wonder if the Corduroy Appreciation folks have taken a stance on horizontal corduroys. I've wanted to order a pair but they don't make women's pants and I'm not sure if the men's would work on me.
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Lest we forget.
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FYI: first made in Manchester, apparently, and has nothing to do with France or its kings.
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Up next: The annual meeting of the Snowman Appreciation Society, held each year on August 8.

Oh crap...
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there is a bar in manchester just off tib street called CORD all the wall have navy black cord on them
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otherwordlyglow: I used to work with Chris Lindland from Cordarounds, and they actually had him as a featured speaker for last year's Corduroy Appreciation Day gathering. I believe he was well received. (I think they even mention that in the New Yorker article.)
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Mike D - I figured the Spandex Club met on August 8. What with the lumpiness and all.
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