Drive-by projecting
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Karolina Sobecka has made animations of a running tiger (Wildlife) and violent cartoon hijinks (Chase), which she projects onto city landscapes from a moving car. (Embedded Quicktime.) She's got a site full of her other projects, including a ton of nifty commercial work.
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Here's a little more about the animations: 1 2.
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Why do I love this soooo much? I want to do it right now.

It would be fun to actually script an entire play with several players in different cars - with different characters - all going to the same destination. You could re-entact chase scenes from movies, etc.

Years ago I had a friend who rigged a video projector in his VW van and he used have spontaneous Drive-in movies in random locations all over town. He was the first in Seattle to do it now it's very popular. The amazing thing was you set up on the side of a building and with in a few minutes you actually had a crowd.
(Problem was sound. Make it too loud - loud enough to actually hear - and the cops were there in minutes so we never got to finish a movie. Spoil sports.)
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Bah, back in my day we skeered our neighbors with Give-A-Show Projector®
It's Kenner. It's Fun! awk
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I liked the 'chase' link a lot. That's a pretty slick idea.
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When I was very young, on car trips I used to imagine an animal running along side the car, keeping pace, jumping over obstacles and resting at the stoplights. Since then, I have read other people's recounting of the same idea, of that imaginary think keeping up with the driving, and the tiger projection brings that back in an amazing sense. I'd love to know if somewhere that experience was an influence for the idea for her.
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Very cool, hydrophonic thanks. It's captivating. I just don't look forward to this idea being harnassed by advertisers.

I love this type of thing. It put me in mind of a great project by Rafael Lozanno-Hemmer that was posted here by rolo a few years back - here's an updated link to the body moves clip and one for Lozano-Hemmer's other projects. And here's another post by amberglow that featured a cool art projection that Lozano-Hemmer particpated in.
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Good--maybe everyone will be a lot more understanding the next time I say, "Dude--did you see that tiger running from tree to tree and then along the side of that building? Never mind--it's gone now, but it was there a moment ago. Really."

So now I need to ask--Is there one where she has Margaret Thatcher ambling along with the Seven Dwarfs or shall we just chalk that one up to halucinations?
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redsparkler - I did exactly the same thing... right on.
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Metafilter: Is there one where she has Margaret Thatcher ambling along with the Seven Dwarfs or shall we just chalk that one up to halucinations? : >

love these--thanks!
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I don't think there's a word for it, but I have this suspicion that it's sort of a thing a lot of people do, but I've got no idea how to look for it aside from "children imagining something running alongside their car". I mean, maybe it stretches all the way back into days with carriages, too, I've got no idea, really.
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These are wonderful. I love the people at the gallery opening being surprised by Chase.
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some art students in berlin had a similar idea before.
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[this is good]
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Yeah, this stuff is good, very clever idea. My one small critique: the quality of animation. I want that tiger and those cartoon characters (especially the tiger, though) to have much more fluid movements. As is, they're just a little too herky-jerky.

And kolophon, thanks for the Berlin subway project link. That was a very well-produced video showing how they did it. In fact, I think the video about it is more interesting than the subway-wall projection itself.
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redsparkler: I did almost the same thing, but it was a guy on a motorcycle, not an animal, keeping pace outside. Anything to get through the tedium of those trips as a child.
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That's beautiful.
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