Save the blondes! Get a perma-puppy.
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PermaPuppies - they never get big. Spoof commercial biotech site is just viral advertizing for Michael Crichton's new book, but some of the ads are fun.
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Lemme guess—the thesis of Chrichton's new book is "science is scary and dangerous".
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I checked this out when I received an e-mail from Borders advertising the book.

Even though it sounds like most other Crichton books ("Fascinating, kinetic, and cautionary, the book presents a twisted chain of events in which greed and corruption among [the] scientists..."), I will probably read it anyway.

As far as the site is concerned, my favorite was the "bum fuel" story ("[Bethune's] buttocks only yielded a liter of fuel").
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This is why I grow my puppies in mason jars.
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I think that bum fuel story is real.
I definitely remember reading something like it in Wired.
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Meh, just feed your kittens and puppies coffee and cigarettes.
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Peter Bethune
There's always the possibility that viral marketing has got that good.
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Hey, wow, it's a book about giant cockroaches, by a giant cockroach!
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Hah - in the "Best Genes to Buy Now" story, the gene for better verbal facility is called BLSHt.
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Did Mark Mothersbaugh do the music for the "Perma-Puppy" spot, or just a great imitator?
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If you have the Primus "Tales From the Punchbowl" enhanced CD version, the "video" for Professor Nutbutter has a nice story about perma-puppies.
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Michael Crichton is a yucky cuckoo bird.
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Crichton's introduction to Jurassic Park had me wondering, back in the day, when he was going to explore the possibilities of the genetic engineering further: He had me thinking about the possibilities implied by trees with square-edged trunks for quite a while afterward. But his novels seem consciously plotted -- often distractingly so -- as if intentionally storyboarded for action-adventure movies. While they're fun, lightweight reads, the pacing and the lack of compelling characters or dialogue rarely inspire me to care all that much about the ramifications of impact on humanity of the technologies they depict. His stories are "Meme McNuggets."
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I had a similar idea back in college, which was essentially a puppy subscription. A subscriber would receive a puppy, enjoy it for a few months, then return it for a fresh puppy when the old one was no longer cute. Our staff, selected for their lack of emotional attachment to creatures and for their excitement over improvised methods of efficiency and secrecy would take care of the returned ex-puppies. I have no idea why you need science for this when breeding is cheap and guys who want to meet girls via a puppy are plentiful and have money from their parents.
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I think I'll save up for ControlGene! The gene found in every dictator (discovered in France)! Also I'll take HarmonyGene (sociability), because those two seem so complimentary...
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Anyway, which is better -- PermaPuppy, OrangaTalk, or just an old-fashioned bonsai kitten?
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I also had a similar idea not too long ago. I don't want a puppy, just a dog that doesn't live too long. A 15-20 year commitment and all the medical bills just aren't for me anymore. One day the dog would just finish happily running through the yard and fall over dead. A service comes by and processes the remains. How long would it live? I'm not sure, but I do like the name "30 day dogs." In 30 days you've already walked the dog all around your neighborhood and met whatever girls you're going to meet.

Seriously, why do his books always focus on flashy and socially unsettling tech? How about the "make schizophrenia, diabetes, bipolar, depression, cancer, and stinky feet go away" genes?
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man i had this permapuppy idea a long time ago. as i'm sure a lot of folks did. but still!!!
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Because that would make for a short and dull book/movie.

Scientist: "we've discovered a cure for cancer!"
Everyone: "yay!"
the end
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Dogs are already the PermaPuppy version of wolves.
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My favorite part about permapuppies (not counting that they're puppies for ever) is you get to pick the lifespan. I'm thinking about 70 years would be nice.
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Michael Crichton's early novels were better, before he started writing books for movies with passages like "Debra walked out of the store. She looked a lot like Helen Hunt, or, if she is available, Sigourney Weaver."
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PermaPuppies might make a good mascot for Card's hippie revolutionaries.
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What is particularly humorous about this is that the domesticated dog is already a permapuppy (i.e. neotenic) compared to its wild counterparts. Just like we are.
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Greg Egan did it first.
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