Jason's bookmarklets rock.
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Jason's bookmarklets rock. By modifying one of them, I now have links to my workcam and my homecam. Seeing all the bookmarklets gives me an idea for a bookmarklet I haven't seen before: an instant spellchecker. Highlight a word on a page, go to this new bookmarklet, and it would load the word into dictionary.com (which has predictable URLs). Looks like I'm going to have to dig into the bookmarklets site to figure out how it's done.
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Just working on those simple ones last night makes me want to page thru my JavaScript reference and see what else is possible. The spellchecker bookmarklet sounds both interesting and possible.
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Is it just me or is Jasons site slow as snail snot today?
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similarly, if you use Internet Explorer 4+, you can set up custom context menu entries that work about the same as a bookmarklet. I have a context menu thingy set up for spell checking. I just highlight a word, right-click, and boom! there's the m-w.com entry in a new window. It might not be any faster than a bookmarklet...but it feels faster. ;)

more info here:


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Bookmarklets rock. Even better, go to
Kaylon, get
their Powermarks program to manage your bookmarks, and then
your browser bookmark menu can be all bookmarklets. I've been
working that way for months, and it's great.
posted by Jen at 3:51 PM on January 24, 2000

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