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Watching music 4:38 videos is a good 4:07way to learn a language 5:02, odd thing is I was 2:44 hoping to 3;03 learn Spanish 59:58. Emilie Simon of La Marche de l'empereur fame sings for us. All from the glorious youtube. Other than the last one from the rather better google.video.
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I adore the vocalist and the very beautiful but serious cellist.
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I knew the washboard revival was coming!7 words The stop-motion video for Flowers is pretty nice, too.9 words
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it makes me feel like i should be calculating 'good' to the 4.07th power.
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Hmm.. the formatting of this post is a tiny trash can, overflowing with large bags that, under the pressure of their contained rotted eyeballs have split open on a busy thoroughfare. *Squelch*
[Won't try this again. Hope your eye/s survive/s]
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La Casa Azul and Las Escarlatinas and other new(ish) Spanish bubblegum bands are good for Spanish, i find.
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I was a teeny bit skeptical since the French have a habit of heaping praise on musicians and actresses who are uncommonly beautiful, which in the Anglo world is ... something to be skeptical of. But sometimes they're right, too. She's a bit Portishead and Bjork.
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Uhhhmm...a new paris hilton is born I guess
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