A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not why ships are built.
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Make Life Better with a Sailboat-in-a-Closet. A multi-section plywood meditation for overcoming life's vicissitudes through apartment woodworking.
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Working around the problems of inadequate space rather than just giving up is ingenious. It's not the most beautiful home built boat I've seen (but then my old next door neighbour built his own racing yacht by hand), but it gets the job done. My grandfather built a few boats as well. He did the old sit-com thing once where his completed boat wouldn't fit through any of the doorways.
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Maybe he can now try something like this. (Via)
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I like the style he tells the making of the boat in. Very much like you're with him along for the ride as he overcomes his woes through meditative boat making. I found my cure in working on wooden swords on the front porch of my parent's house. His workbench sounds pretty sweet.
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I did the apartment wood shop thing for a short while. The key is to only use hand tools indoors and power tools outdoors, otherwise you'll have saw dust pollution all over your living space, which is very unpleasant.
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Step 9: Swim to shore/drown in the ocean when boat breaks up in choppy watter.

But that does seem like a good way of overcoming apartment claustrophobia.
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Very neat. If I actually had ANY room in my apartment I'd give it a try.
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A large powerboat does not contain The Cure. It has to be all wind, water, and wits.

Moving and inspirational stuff - thanks paulsc.
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This is really nice. Thanks, paulsc.

A large powerboat does not contain The Cure
Just how fat has Robert Smith become?

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I think I love this guy.
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