Romanesque Churches of the Bourbonnais
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Bourbonnais. No, not Bourbonnais, IL, but Bourbonnais, a historic province in France that flourished during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. In this area there are hundreds of churches built in the Romanesque style.

In 2004 Stephen Murray, an art history professor, and his students recieved a $500,000 grant to document, process, and archive data from the churches into a digital database, all available online.
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It's my first FPP, so please be gentle!

Also, I have no personal connection with the project; I attended a presentation and thought it worthy to share with other Mefites.
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I love to eat hush-puppies dipped in bourbonnaise. Hoo-wee dems good.
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Oh, and nice post, I should have said that before.
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Wow! Thank you.
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I really wish people would stop asking people to be gentle for first FPPs.

Anyway, good post. Although the website interface is a little clunky.
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As an art history student, this is interesting :)
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They already have that software.

For the porn industry.
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They've packed an amazing amt. of information on there. Nice stuff.
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Good post. Terrible, bandwidth crazy, unituitive, over designed Web site, that fronts what looks like a good collection of information about 100 medieval churches. But this is a perfect example of "Web design" that completely obscures its material. Content seems generally interesting. Design = worst of the Web.
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Interesting site. I wish someone would do something similarly encyclopedic for images of medieval stained glass. It's pretty easy to photograph, but I can't find high quality collections of images from even the most famous places like Chartres.
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wonderful stuff--i love Romanesque--it's so much more warm and human and humane-seeming to me than Gothic. (i think it's the smaller scale and more hand-hewn materials)
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i went to Cologne recently and saw fab ones, but they were almost entirely reconstructed--it's wonderful to see originals
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Good post.

I have no particular interest in the subject, but someone has done an incredible amount of work to produce this site.

When you are in small towns in Europe, churches are usually the main focal point. Architecture is a very revealing source for the culture of the times.
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