Ozzy, drag queens, and leathermen, together at last.
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Sabbath plays the Folsom Street Parade along with members of San Francisco's Gay Imperial Court. I'm confused though – what was the the Folsom Street Parade? Folsom Street Fairs didn't start until the 80's and the city's first large Gay Pride march wasn't until '72. (homophobes, leatherophobes, wikipediaphobes, and youtubeophobes probably shouldn't click the links. And ya, Folsom Street is not super work safe. Unless you work in a dungeon.)
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great find, thanks!

perhaps this was the "Gay-In" (June 28, 1970) mentioned in the wiki-article and not the folsom street parade?
posted by kolophon at 5:05 AM on December 9, 2006

Needs more cowbell... and Ozzy.
posted by punkfloyd at 5:33 AM on December 9, 2006

It wasn't the gay-in though. That was on Polk street.

And ya, it needs more audio!
posted by serazin at 9:14 AM on December 9, 2006

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