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Pencil art isn't always about drawing. The first artist also uses nails. [previously]
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Single character links will never be OK damn it.

(Cool sculptures though.)
posted by public at 1:32 PM on December 10, 2006

No form of pencil art may ever impress me again, having seen Ryan Jacque's unbelievable work.
posted by JWright at 1:49 PM on December 10, 2006 [1 favorite]

Well it's a good thing these are two character links then, isn't it?

I really like this one.
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 1:52 PM on December 10, 2006

Hah! I read that the post was about pencil art and thought: "awesome, i love pencil art." No surprise that the two prior pencil art links you ref'd are me...
posted by jonson at 2:20 PM on December 10, 2006

See also: Figures by Alex Pollard.
posted by jack_mo at 3:15 PM on December 10, 2006

This one looks like one of these
posted by mattoxic at 4:13 PM on December 10, 2006

I am totally astounded by the nail art. So simple, and yet boggling.
posted by hermitosis at 4:13 PM on December 10, 2006

72 pencils.
posted by Tube at 5:14 PM on December 10, 2006

I bet you could sit in that pencil chair without too much discomfort, like a swami lying on a bed of nails...
posted by gottabefunky at 6:26 PM on December 10, 2006

JWright will you please explain to me what is interesting about photo-realistic graphite renderings? Why doesn't Ryan Jacque just take a camera out in to nature? He'd come back with the same type of image.

Also, where you aware that none of the linked works are drawings before you posted a link to your favorite anal retentive pencil jockey?
posted by subtle_squid at 7:16 PM on December 10, 2006

Beautiful; thanks for posting.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 11:09 PM on December 10, 2006

Awesome link.

Not quite the same, but pencil carvings (actually, more like carved pencils). My personal favourite.
posted by tickingclock at 2:21 AM on December 11, 2006

Hooray, my first post was a moderate success!

(Also, tickingclock, those carvings appear in one of the previous posts from jonson.)
posted by Partial Law at 10:35 AM on December 11, 2006

Not so subtle there, squiddy. Is that jealously or just a complete disconnect from what human beings are supposed to be capable of?

If I have to explain it to you, then you'll never get it. Do you think the Mona Lisa (to name a work you're likely familiar with) would have been a wasted effort had a camera been available?

Regardless, yeah, I looked at the "pencil art" and wasn't terribly impressed. I think some of it is a little bit neat, but it made me think of Ryan's work, and so I posted it.

To me, any one of us on a clever-feeling day could have glued a bunch of pencils together in an interesting pattern. But none of us could ever match work like Ryan's. In my opinion, that puts the 3D Pencil Art in perspective, even though it only shares a name in a toungue-in-cheek kind of way.
posted by JWright at 10:38 PM on December 11, 2006

So, its good because its hard to do?
posted by subtle_squid at 7:10 AM on December 12, 2006

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