A futuristic instrumental classic rock fusion look at life.
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Mr. Frank J. Stola (flash): a self-described professional musician who mangles any and all genres he attempts. Don't miss his take on instrumental fusion rock classical jazz, revolutionary country n western traditional, or heavy metal instrumental on CD Baby. Equally marvelous are his strange, minimal videos. And don't forget to pick up Mr. Stola's myriad products at his Cafepress store. Is he serious?
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Are you serious? CD baby links and a cafepress store link? Go sit in the corner please.
posted by bigmusic at 7:56 AM on December 11, 2006

Well, I had to augment the man's homepage--which is all he has. The CDbaby and Cafepress stuff are part of what makes him interesting, in my opinion.
posted by zonkout at 8:06 AM on December 11, 2006

This man bears an artistic resemblance to the infamous Kenneth Higney, and that is good enough for me. This made my day. All hail the beauty of not having the skills to match your musical vision, and having a go at it anyway.
posted by gcbv at 8:10 AM on December 11, 2006

No matter what adjectives one ascribes to it, or what "painted word" deeper meaning one pulls out their ass to explain it (or sell it)...there is a simple, immutable rule of musicianship.

If you're out of tune....you suck. This is universal truth.

True of the Meters, true of John Frusciante, surely true of Frank-J-whoever-the-fuck.
posted by edverb at 8:29 AM on December 11, 2006

The CDbaby stuff is great:

This collection of 8 rock n roll 3 minute songs was kinda ambivalent to me upon its creation in 2oo0 until a song on it STONE BY STONE sent me into ROCKNROLL INFAMY in TAIWAIN when I received payent for its radio airplay. The rest well is history.

How they missed the classic Black Pussy is beyond me.
posted by InfidelZombie at 8:54 AM on December 11, 2006

somewhere between eugene chadbourne and wesley willis.
posted by 3.2.3 at 10:35 AM on December 11, 2006

I think I'm with gcbv on this one. The guy's got balls. And if he had musical talent he'd probably rock pretty hard.

And regardless, it's an interesting post, so thanks.
posted by facetious at 11:52 AM on December 11, 2006

Some of it, especially Black Pussy is quite Shaggs-esque.
posted by ob at 12:29 PM on December 11, 2006

On his site -- the levels in his flash movie have to be -- have to be lowered -- I mean -- his oeuvre aside -- peaking levels on those 80's sounding Miami Vice/Jan Hammer tom sounds is a torture that can be only rivaled by washboarding.
posted by RubberHen at 4:28 PM on December 11, 2006

excuse me -- a torture by waterboarding not washboarding ( shakes head )
posted by RubberHen at 4:30 PM on December 11, 2006

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