First large aquatic mammal to go extinct since the California monk seal (1950)
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"It's possible that there are two or three left that we missed somehow, but functionally they are extinct." (A sad follow-up to this post.) You may know the baiji dolphin from the book Last Chance to See^ or the blog following those animals, Another Chance to See. Their decline^ led to an expedition to search for survivors. The baiji team is now shifting its concern to the Yangtze's finless porpoises, down to 400 individuals.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is pretty much a double

Why are some of the links not around the relevant keywords? I thought that was a limitation of the earliest text-only browsers circa-1993 or so. It reminds me of gopher. Are we really that bored with context?

I've got an image of the Last Chance To See CDROM - it's amazing how much Voyager managed to do with so little resources, although there is a lot of ditherig and pixellation. Voyager's Sound Toys is still a favourite of mine to potter with.
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I^ will^ miss^ these^ dolphins^.
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The other thread is still open.
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Want to save some dolphins? Just call the world's tallest man.
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Is this what happens when you're only the second smartest thing in the river?

Very sad.
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Kirth Gerson writes "The other thread is still open."

The other thread.
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Their collective tombstone could read:

Once worshipped as river goddesses, ultimately killed by people's shit.

Note: I have tears in my eyes. I love dolphins.
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"Last Change To See" inspired me into my career as an ecologist. This makes me sad.
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The fat lady is singing.
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mr_roboto, I didn't bother to link to it, because the OP did already: A sad follow-up to this post.
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I am heartbroken, and outraged. This could...this SHOULD...have been prevented.

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My hope is that this will galvanize the microscopic environmental movement in China to get more action taken.

My cynicism knows that it won't have much effect given the political situation.
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And Last Chance to See is a damn fine book
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That's terrible news.
Is this correct?
'Scientists estimated the baiji migrated up the Yangtze from the East China Sea as far back as 20 million years ago'.
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