If liking HALCALI is wrong I don't want to be right. . .
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I found this anime clip [youtube] suitably trippy. It was created by the producers of GA-RA-KU-TA and features the 2003 debut song from the j-pop duo HALCALI (proper PV of the song -- "TANDEM" -- is here).
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Halcali comes via David Marx's blog, which is nearly fpp-worthy for its interesting coverage of Japanese culture and the dark side of its entertainment world (eg. how Suzuki Ami came to win that Asayan idol search in 1998).
posted by Heywood Mogroot at 8:37 PM on January 22, 2007

Yup, that's a trippy vid alright.

But what I really like is the blog you linked, David Marx. Definitely worth a post. Fascinating and informative reading about Japanese pop culture.
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it is a wonderful blog---even if you disagree with his thoughts on stuff, there's tons of good meat--i find it a real window onto Japanese sociology/pop psychology/culture and stuff.

that video makes me really sad.
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Very catchy. Reminds me of Mambo #5'... but I think there was a special Disneyfied version that was all over their kid's network years back.

Any translation of Halicali?
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nth on the neomarxism blog... In fact, five fresh fish should check out this article on pakuri (and more pakuri).

I listen to more than my fair share of J-Pop and I can't count the times that I've thought "gee, that sounds familiar..." The most recent being a total "OMG, that's Aqua's Cartoon Heroes almost note for note.
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The producers of GA-RA-KU-TA, the Mr. Stain site, has some trippy stuff! Like AfroSamurai, which reminds me of this odd Thai toothpaste commercial.

five fresh fish, you asked about the name. According to Wikipedia: Halcali is a Japanese hip-hop duo. The name Halcali comes from the combination of the names of the two members. The stage names of HARUKA and YUKARI are combined to form the collective name.
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first we're calling static art "japanimation", now we're calling CGI "anime"?

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also, if you like jpop i recommend the band mini-moni or the singer ayumi hamasaki.
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Samba-ing from the waist here in my cubicle...
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I liked the PV link much better. Those two are hella cute.
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Er... then I mean, I think, "any translation of the GA-RA-KU-TA lyrics?"
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My new favorite anime piece from Japan is this.
Takeshi Murakami rules.
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Dantien, that's adorable--Murakami should do movies.

(it doesn't fit the products at all tho...and it's so funny--i recognized the street and store in tokyo right away)
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