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Get your international pop tune fix. Slate has an article on the funky pop and rock gems available from the Japanese iTunes Store. From Straightener to NICO Touches the Walls, the Japanglophonic music scene is available to the whole world in the standard 30-second snippets, but the article hints at ways to buy songs for those located in other places. If you just want a crack at the weekly free downloads, you can take a crack at workaround and score yourself an account on any one of the 22 iTunes Stores. (via Macslash)
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I dunno...downloading may be an issue, but purchasing imports on disc/vinyl is hardly impossible. I had little trouble finding Rodeo Carburettor CDs on GEMM, or Amazon for under $20 USD. Granted, they're a bit more accessable than some of the j-pop acts, but there's more to the online sphere than just iTunes, which can still be valueable as a starting-off point.
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If this makes it easier for me to find good bollywood stuff then I'm all for it.
posted by tylerfulltilt at 11:30 AM on January 24, 2007 ships from Japan for Y1800. The slow option takes about a week, to California at least.

Bummer about Sony Japan not putting its stuff on iTMS. . .
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