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Yet another year's end best-of list of music videos!? (this one's from Good Weather for Airstrikes, authors of last year's arguably awesomest list... (the torrent's yet to come.)
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I don't understand how Readymade FC - Only One didn't make it to any of the lists. The album it's on was definitely released in 2006 (I first saw it on neave.tv). Whatever, it doesn't matter. Watch this gem, people, it's wonderful, beautiful, splendid.

Another recommendation: The Lovemakers - Shake that Ass. I know, I know, it looks kinda cheesy and sounds kinda crappy, but then you find that you've watched it about 20 times. The girl who first showed it to me said that's because it's so cool it's "next year".

Now that I've probably lost whatever credibility I might have had, I can safely suggest the Shoes video.

Thank you, progosk, for deprioritizing all of this week's planned activities with this pile of treasures.
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I really like "Shake That Ass" -- it's no "Groove Is In The Heart," but it accomplishes the mission OK.
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Thank you thank you thank you Progosk. I'm still trying to get thru the SRO list, but this will give me plenty to do after that.
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Thanks, progosk.
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I hope is in the list somewhere
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(OOPS) Faithless - Bombs
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ok, so this filmclip is from 2007, not 2006, but it's still freaking cool!

Very Tim Burton... and the track (made by a diy unsigned Aussie musician in his bedroom) is all kinds of crazy.
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bookmarked, favorited, downloads started, will take me ages to go through everything but I will make it!

I love you progosk!

I also love how the videos.antville.org's list has categories. Best Coreography is the best.
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