Paddies, laddies.
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Tanada! Sure, the real shit is in Southeast Asia and China, but Japan's got a few beauties of her own. There's the fields of Yuya, the gentle slopes of Ukiha, and of course The Thousand Paddies of Chiba. It's not just an art--it's science. Want more? Listen to some of the "sounds of Japanese rice paddies, watch a slightly obnoxious slide show, or download some of these gorgeous wallpapers in a bunch of different formats. But best of all: they have calendars!
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Exquisite! What beautiful photographs and a wonderfully created post. Thank you odasaku. That slide show is beautiful and the rice paddy sounds with crickets and frogs are charming. I love terraced fields, all over the world.
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Those terraces sooth and inspire me with the thought of all the work that went into them.
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forget not the Cordilleras in the Philippines
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Beautiful photography.

Should we be suprised that there is a countryside in Japan? Or is it the rice paddies? I was in Japan a few years ago and there was plenty of countryside and plenty of rice.
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Much of the terraced paddies in Bali seamlessly merge with the surrounding forests. Quite amazing there.
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Wow, awesome post.

I have no idea why I have such an interest in rice farming, but some of my most cherished times in Japan are exploring its countryside. These photos make me want to go back.

I also like how the calenders have all the days in the month in one horizontal line. Maybe it's just me, but the layout gives a visual indication that each day is part of a much longer time-frame. Normal calendar layouts make me feel like life exists one week at a time.
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What a wonderful post! Normally, I resent pages which disable right click, like the first link does. However, I can only be so irked when the error message reads: "The ban on a copy" - brilliant!

Thank you, odasaku!
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Yeah, I think Bali leads the world in advanced rice paddy terracing. You need that jungly palm fringe around the outside to get the full effect. A few water buffalo are also key, and a lone stoop-backed and wizened guy with a woven hat is a clincher.
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