Child migrants
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A moving, four-part audio documentary tells the story of as many as 150,000 children of the British poor, sent to populate Australia, Canada, and other colonies with "good, white stock".
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The radio story is a few years old, but it was news to me. Further research turned up the church apologizing for a pattern of whippings, rapes, and other abuses, various aid efforts,, and this page: a bit hard to follow, but full of links regarding the homes that children were sent to, shipping records, and contemporary news articles.
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The Leaving of Liverpool is also an excellent mini-series on the topic.
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Amazing, thank you.
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Rapes in religious schools? Like, nuns and priests, or lay (ahem) workers?

Geez, I can't seem to get away from tales of sex abuse of kids in the blue today. I guess I'll go look at the Minnesota politician thread.
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Being the wrong religion or the wrong skin color has been a liability at many times and places in history, but being poor has always been out of style, ever since the concepts of "wealth" and "poverty" came into being.

A great degree of oppression throughout history is sometimes immediately associated as religious or racial persecution, when it is really just the persecution of the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder.

Of course, it was often no accident that certain groups occupied that bottom rung.
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