Republicans plan energy bill
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Republicans plan energy bill "Legislation to be introduced next week by the Senate energy committee chairman would pay billions of dollars in subsidies to the energy companies, which gave generously in last year's campaign." More here.
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Same old story: capitalism for the people and socialism for the corporations.
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The same people who wanted deregulation for reasons such as "government should stay the hell out of business" and "let the market decide" are now going to get a bunch of big fat government handouts. How utterly revolting.
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Clinton's Pardons, Bush's Giveaways. An NY Times letter to the editor that Inigo Thomas of Slate's Omnivore linked to:

Yes, the pardon of Marc Rich is unseemly, but he is just one unworthy beneficiary of government favoritism. Let's try to keep that in perspective as we prepare to repeat the Gilded Age's giveaway of public lands, subsidies and benefits to corporate interests, since known as "the Great Barbecue."

Eben Moglen's The Invisible Barbecue is really great, btw.

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