Early Zionist propaganda posters
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Beautiful early Zionist propaganda posters, courtesy of the Swann Galleries. The first 73 items in this large batch of vintage posters up for auction are related to Israel, Jews or anti-Semitism. [via Paperholic]
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The image linked at "posters" is quite nice, but I especially like this one about literacy.
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The styles of some of the early Zionist posters are really distinct, especially as the artists came from different locations and often were members of different parties within the Zionist movement.

There is a terrific display with decriptions of early Zionist (and British army recruiting) posters at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs - here is an introduction to the collection from Israel, and here is another from the Library of Congress. Here is also a thumbnail collection of posters from 1920-1955.
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Wish the translations were more full. Some very neat stuff here.
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This one reads:

The triumph of the eastern worker is a guarantee of open gates for general, lasting aliyah, gathering the exiles.

This one reads:

Not this! Only this! A new aliyah

This one reads:

It is important for my future. Vote: צ

This one reads:

You have done this on your own initiative.

The general Zionist organization
protects you for your free enterprise.

This one reads:

(along the top and side) Keren haYesod: the special fund for Israel.

(On the ropes) Aliyah and absorption
Conquest of the wilderness
Opening up the Land

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Some of these are political posters.

The first one is for the Miszrahi (Eastern) Worker's Party

This one and this one are for the General Zionist Party.
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blahblahblah, those are great links, thanks!
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